1830 Census of Bledsoe County, Tennessee

Images From The 1840 and 1850 Census of Bledsoe County
Showing John Shumake and Hannah Shumake
Sarah, James and William Shumake
(The name on other records is Shoemate)
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1830 Bledsoe County, Tennessee

Samuel Shoemake, listed as being over 90 years of age. In his household were two white females:(Page 268)
1. One female 20-30
2. One female 40-50
(See my notes at the bottom of this page for the sons of Samuel)

Thomas Shomak (Shoemake) In his household were listed the following (all Free Colored Persons) page 279
1. Two males under 10 (Born in the 1820s)
2. One male 55-100 ( believed to be Thomas)
3. Two females under 10
4. One Female 24-36
5. One female 55-100 (Believed to be Thomas' wife).
On the same page of the census as Thomas lived Nancy Skillern, James and John Skillern lived in the 5th and 6th houses down from Thomas. Living in Hannah's household in 1850 was an Alfred Skillern of whom it is reported that he married Hannah's daughter Miriah.

Betsy Shomake (Shoemake). Living in her household (page 281) were:
1. One female under 5
2. One female 15-20
3. One female 30-40 (self)
Betsy lived next door to a John Thomas who is believed to be her father. Her husband believed to be dead. It is believed that Betsy's husband was the John Shoemake that died in 1813 The adminsitrator of John's will was John Thomas. It is said that Betsy's name was Elizabeth "Betsy" Thomas Shomake. It is believed that she had two children by the name of Catherine and Issac Gore Shoemake.(See Below)

The third house away from John Thomas was the residence of Thomas Riddle from whom Robert Shoemake bought sixty-four acres of land ( D 327). On November 13, 1832

Note: Some believe that the John that died in 1813 was the John Shoemake that was shown living in Chesterfield County, SC when the 1800 Census were taken. If is true, and if what Moris K. Shoemake reported when filling an application with the US Department of Indiean Affairs, stating that his grandfather was John Shoemake, who was the father of John Fletcher Shoemake, I have a problem. According to Morris K., his grandfather John had a son by the name of James who was born in 1820. If the one in question died in 1813, then he could not have fathered a child in 1820.

Robert Shomake (Shoemake) Those living in his household were all listed as Free Colored Persons. (Page 282) They were:
1. One male uder 10
2. One male 24-36
3. Two females under 10
4. One female 24-36
5. One female Slave 10-24

Sarah Shomak (Shoemake) Those living in her household were all listed as Free Colored Persons. (Page 290) They were:
1. One male 10-24
2. One male 24-36
3. One female 10-24
4. One female 24-36
5. One female 36-55 (believed to be self)

(See my notes at the bottom of this page concerning the above Shoemakes)

Notes From Sherry Rothwell

This Betsy is John Thomas's daughter, Elizabeth. I think the Betsy is a nickname. I have a paper on the four daughters of John Thomas. I have a paper listing John Thomas's children of which one is Elizabeth but he lists Catherine Shewmake and Isaac Gore Shemake. It looks as though Betsy never remarried. John Thomas was the administrator for John Shoemake in 1813. That was the year Isaac Gore Shoemake was born. In actuality, John Thomas was probably the only father figure thet Catherine and Isaac Gore remembered. I do have several pieces of info. John Thomas and Robert Shoemake were sued by someone and then later John Thomas sues Robert. Robert later leaves Bledsoe County. I really feel the Robert is a half brother to my Catherine. I feel the John that died in 1813 was married previously before marrying Elizabeth (Betsy) and the John, William, James, Dicy and Sarah were older children of the John that died in 1813. No Proof but just my belief. I will send you info. Maybe you can piece some of this together. My Catherine married Zemeriah Card. Their daughterAdelaid Elizabeth married William T. Rothwell. Elizabeth and William were my great great grandparents. This is an interesting line. AS far as I know Elizabeth only had one daughter....
Sherry Rothwell

An Interesting Note

Taken from a booklet titled: "Sequatchie Valley Revolution War Soldiers."

Entitled Thomas Records:

Abraham Thomas was born 1789
Elizabeth Thomas, Dec. 20, 1701
Margaret Thomas, Feb 25, 179(?)
Andrew Thomas, Aigist 25. 179)?)
Lydia Thomas, July 26, 179(?)
Bird Thomas, January 19, 1800
Claricy Thomas, December (?)

CATHERINE SHOWMAKE --------------------------
ISAAC GORE SHOWMAKE, Tuesday, January 19, 1813
Ellis Thomas, born September 27, 17


In declaraion made May 12, 1822 John Thomas Says that he enlisted in Frederick Co.,Va
as a Private in the Militia and served three months tours as follows.
1. First, under Capt. Isaac Reynolds, he was sstationed in Winchester, Va.
2. Second, he marched to Philadelphia, in guarding the British and Hessian
3. Third, he was under Capt. Ellis Cockley and Col. Holmes, and he marched into Maryland.
This service was during the 17th, 18th, 19th years of his age. He was orn in Frederic k Co.,
Va. November 25, 1760. After the war he moved to Shenandoah Co., Va. and lived there
for 8 years, then live in Washington Co. Va. (Tn.) for 1 year. Then went to Jefferson Co.,Tn.
remaining there for more than 11 years. He has lived in Bledsoe Co.,Tn. for about 24-5 years now.

Character witnesses area: John Dalton, Isaac Stephens, George L. Jones. And Scott Terry,
is the clerk. On September 4, 1843 CATHERINE THOMAS declares she married John
Thomas March 1789 and her husband died on January 25, 1843. Witnesses were
ELISHA KIRKLEN and William Brown. On September 14, 1843 JOHN THOMAS (JR.)
is CLERK and BIRD THOMAS affirms authenticity of family records and the birth of

NOTE: here is "Catherine Showmake, her son Isaac Gore Showmake (he is the one found in
the court records of Bledsoe Co. Of this Isaac Gore Showmake who was accused of trying
to rape a girl in Bledsoe. And the Sheriff, Mr. Sherrill, allowed Isaac to escape and go free.

Note: One Witness is Elisha Kirklen (or Kirkland sur name of family later)

Here's the Story:

The following is recorded in the Circuit Court Docket Book of Bledsoe County Tennessee

The State of Tennessee Vs. Isaac Shoemake:

The Grand Jurors impamented, sworn and charged of the county of Bledsoe, Tennessee, returned to court a file of indictment against Isaac Shoemake for assault and battery and intent to rape a said Charity M. Mathis of Bledsoe County.

Note: Charity was the daughter of James Mathis,

Issac was carried and placed in Jail and locked up. The Sheriff, Graven Sherrill was in charge of taking Isaac to jail and locking him up. However within a matter of a few hours the sheriff, Graven Sherrill, "did" let Isaac go.

Then the State of Tennessee went after Sheriff Graven Sherrill. He was removed from office and was brought to court on some very serious charges.

Note From Sherry Rothwell:
Catherine Shoemake is a sister to Isaac Gore Shoemake, not his mother

Copy of 1840 Census Bledsoe County, Tennessee

1840 Census Bledsoe County, Tennessee

On the above page, page 22, Hannah is shown with two boys in her home: The 1850 census show Hannah as being born in South Carolina.
1. one male between 5-10,
2. and one male between 10 - 15.
She has
3. one female under 5;
4. one female 10-15;
5. one female15-20;
6. one female, 50-60, apparently herself.
All in Hannah's household are listed as being white. However, in the 1850 census she is shown as being a Mulatto, age 52, and being born in South Carolina. Hannah's grave marker situated in the Humble Cemetery near Pikeville reads "Hannar" Shoemate, born in 1791 and died in 1882. Apparently there was a discrepancy in the age recorded by the census taker. Those listed in her household in 1850 were:
--.-Hannah, Female, Mulatto, age 52
----Thomas, age 19 (See Notes on Thomas)
----Alfred Skillern, age 20
----Mariah, female, age 20
----Mary, female, age 2
----Susannah, female, age 1,
----It has been learned from other sources that Alfred was married to Mariah and the two children
----belong to Alfred and Mariah. (It is reported that Mariah was Hannah's daughter)


1850 Census of Bledsoe County, Tennessee

The following information was verified from four different families who posted information on the Ancestry web.
The information came from a research of Alfred Skillern who was living in the household of Hannah Shoemake when the 1850 census were taken of Bledsoe County, Tennessee

Hannah was 52 at the time the census was recorded. Her reported ancestry is as follows:
Hannah Shoemake, believed to be the wife William Shoemake who is apparently dead.
Their children were:
1. Miriah, Born in 1837 (1850 census states 1829) and died in 1874.
---Miriah married Alfred Skillern, son of Anderson Skillern and Mary (Polly) Spring.
---Children of Mirah and Alfred were:
------1. Mary E. Skillern
------2. Susannah J. Skillern
------3. John Thomas
------4. James A.
------5. Martha Francis
------6. Laura A.
------7. Marilda
------8. David
------9. Catherine
-----10. Robecca

This is a photo of Hannah's grave marker
in the Humble Cemetery near Pikeville, TN
B. 1791; D. 1882.

In 1860 Hannah is shown on the Federal Census to be living in the home of her son Thomas. She is listed here as being 65 years of age and a Mulatto.(One can now see the variation in the recording of her age by the census taker).

In 1840 Census John Shoemake is shown to be between 40-50, being white. This fits the age of John Fletcher. He has listed in his household as "Free Colored Persons"
1. one male under 10;
2. three males 10-24;
3. one female under 10;
4. two females 10-24; and
5. one female 35-50, who is apparently his wife.
Below is the same page as above but looking to the right of the page. Count down 15 spaces and you will be on the line where John's name appears (Note: The age of this John fits the age of John Fletcher Shoemake, B. 1795).

1850 Census, Marion County, Tennessee
John F. Shoemake,
age 55, B. South Carolina, Mulatto
Mary, (Wife) age 54, B. South Carolina, Mulatto
---James A., age 24, B. TN, Mulatto
---Sarah, age 23, B. TN, Mulatto
---John, age 22, B. TN, Mulatto
---Lorna, age 18, B. TN, Mulatto
---Morris K., age 17, B. TN, Mulatto
---Mary, age 15, B. TN, Mulatto

Below is is a closer view of the same image above, only shifted to the right of the page.

Note the top row on the right. It starts with 1, then 3, then it skips 4 spaces and lists 1 girl, then 2 girls and last a female between the age of 35 and 50. Apparently she is, John's wife

1840 Census Bledsoe County

In 1840, there is a Sarah, James, and a William Shoemake. The following couldn't have been the children of John Fletcher because of the ages. John Fletcher was born abt. 1795 and the following person's age makes them to old to have been the children of John Fletcher. The following is listed:

Sarah, listed as "Free Colored person" has the following in her household:
1. one male under 10;
2. one female 10-24;
3. two females 35-55; and
4. one 55-100. apparently herself. The 1850 census lists her as being a Mulatto.

James, listed as "Free Colored person" in the 1850 census he is listed as a Mulatto. In the 1840 census he has the following in his household::
1. three males under 10;
2. one male 35-55, apparently himself;
4. two females 24-36;
5. one female 55-100.

William listed as being white, but his wife is listed as being "Free Colored person" and he has in his household:
1. one male 24-36 apparently himself
2. one "white" female 30-40. This is apparently William's wife.In the 1850 census, we learn that her name was Fanny. No children are listed. (See special note on Morris K. Shuemake below).

In the 1850 Census William
is listed as being 45 years of age, married, and his wife's name is Fanny, she is listed as being 30 years of age.. A Richard Shoemake is listed as living in the household. He is listed as being 22 years of age and being a Mulatto.

Note: Here Sarah, James and William are listed a "Free Colored Persons" later referred to as Mulattos, thus indicating being of Indian blood. Hannah is listed as a Mulatto in 1850 and John is white with his wife and children being listed as Mulattos. This would seem to indicate that they all are of the same family. Because their names appear so close on the census record, this indicates that they were living next to each other and if living next to each other it is fair to judge that they were related. A study of Morris K. Shoemake's application to the US Department of Indian Affaires states that they were brothers and sisters. (See my notes at the bottom of this page concerning James, William, Robert and John Fletcher).

Sarah is the 8th name from the top, followed by James and William. (See page image below)


Bledsoe County 1850 Census

*The following persons were living in Bledsoe County, TN when the 1850 census were taken: (Taken from the 1850 Census Index)

(a) James Shoemake, page 374, born in 1820, the father of John W. Shoemate. See below; 5th name down. He was a Mulatto. The other members of his family were listed as white.John Fletcher Shoemake had a brother named James, according to Morris K.Shoemake, son of John Fletcher Shoemake.Therefore it is believed that this James was a son of John Shoemake who came from South Carolina and a brother to John Fletcher).
(b) Hannah Shoemake, page 374, (B. 1798). Age 52 on the 1850 census. Hannah's grave marker states that she was born in 1791. It has been reported that Hannah was married to William Shoemake. It is note worthy that her oldest son was named Thomas. Some believe that Hannah's husband could have been names William Thomas.
(c) Scitty (Scotty) Shoemake, page 374 Age 17 on the 1850 census. B. abt 1833. (See section on Hannah Shumate)
(d) Dicy Shoemake, page 360, . (B. 1790) Age 60 on the 1850 census (I believe this Dicy to be the sister to John Fletcher Shoemake, according to Morris K. Shoemake, and the daughter of John Shoemake who moved to Tennessee from South Carolina, according to Morris K., she was born abt. 1796).More Information
(e) Bartemius Shoemake, page 377, age 77 on the 1850 census. This would have made him to be born
abt. 1773. This would make him older than any of the others listed here. Who was his father, I can not say.
(f) William Shoemake. page 375, (B. 1805, and believed to be one of the John Shoemake's sons and brother to John Fletcher).

* James, Hannah, and Scitty were living next to one another. William being on the following page of the cenesus roll, indicates he too was in the same neighborhood. as well as Bartemius.
*Dicy on page 360 was several houses down from the others.

In 1840 there were Scitty, Margaret, and Emaley Shoemake living in the home of Thomas Southerland, age 60, only 12 doors down from William, James and Sarah

Special Note: Morris K. Shoemake, B. Dec.24, 1832, who was living in Marion County, Tennessee in 1913, son of John Fletcher Shoemake, and Mary, his mother, submitted the follow on a document submitted to the US Department of Indian Affairs: He said his siblings were:
---1. James Shoemake, Born ? Died 1911
---2. Sampson Shoemake, Born ? Died 1870
---3. John Fletcher Shoemake, Born ? Died 1863
---4. Sallie Simpley (Sister), Born ? Died 1886
---5. Lorinanie Long (Sister), Born ? Died 1908
---6. Mary (Sampley) Sister, Born ? Died 1906

1850 Census, Marion County, Tennessee
John F. Shoemake,
age 55, B. South Carolina, Mulatto
Mary, (Wife) age 54, B. South Carolina, Mulatto
---James A., age 24, B. TN, Mulatto
---Sarah, age 23, B. TN, Mulatto
---John, age 22, B. TN, Mulatto (Referred to as John Fletcher, Jr.)
---Lorna, age 18, B. TN, Mulatto
---Morris K., age 17, B. TN, Mulatto
---Mary, age 15, B. TN, Mulatto

Morris K., also reported that his grandfather was named John. The following are the children of his grandfather, thus being his Aunts and Uncles:
---1. James Shoemake, Born 1820, Died ?
---2. William Shoemake, Born 1805, Died 1890 More Info
---3. Robert Shoemake, Born ? Died ?
---4. Sarah Shoemake, Born ? Died ?
---5. Dicie (Dicy) Shoemake, Born 1790, Died ?
>>6. This would also include John Fletcher who was born abt. 1795)

Other Census Records:

-----1930 Bledsoe County Tennessee Census-District # 1
----Jesse Shoemate, age 42, Head of the household, Born 1887 in Tennessee
----Annice Shoemate, age 33, born in 1897 in Tennessee

----Who was Jesse Shoemate's father and mother? The 1900 Census show a Jess,
---- the only one found and there is a difference in the birth date on the census
---- and the one on Jesse's grave marker. Presently I do not have an answer for
---- this difference.

----1900 Bledsoe County, Tennessee Census
----Lu Shoemate, head of household, male, born 1855, age 36, in Tn.,
----as well as his children:
----Bell, a daughter, age 16, born in 1883
----Jesse, a son, age 12, born in 1887 in Tennessee. (the grave
----marker states that he was born in 1881)
----LuLu, a daughter, age 10, born in 1889, in Tennessee.
----There is no wife listed.

>>>1840 Census of Bledsoe County Tennessee

>>.>(a) John Shoemake age between 40 and 50. (Born between 1790
------and 1800) Born in SC This John Shoemake is listed in the 1840 Census
------of Bledsoe County: John is shown to be between 40-50, being white.
------He would have been born between 1790 and 1800. He has listed in his
------household as "Free Colored Persons" (This would have -been John Fletcher Shoemake)
>>>>1 male under 10;
>>>>3 males 10-24;
>>>>1 female under 10;
>>>>2 females 10-24;
>>>>1 female 35-50, who is apparently his wife.
>>>>* Prior to 1850 only the names of the head of households were
-------This record shows John with 4 males.
-----The 1850 Census reveal the four sons to be:

------James A., age 24, B. TN, Mulatto
------Sampson, age 23, B. TN, Mulatto
------John, (John Fletcher) age 22, B. TN, Mulatto
------Morris K., age 17, B. TN, Mulatto

>>>*The following persons were living in Bledsoe County, TN when the 1850 census were taken: (Taken from >>>>the 1850 Census Index)


(a) James Shoemake, age 30, born in TN, page 374. This is the James born in 1820, the father of John W. Shoemate. In the 1850 census he is listed as James Shumake. He is listed as being 30 years of age and his wife Avis, 29 years of age. This could well have been one of the three males in the household of John, listed above, being between 10 and 24. On the other hand, this James could have been a son of Hannah.
The following were found living in his household:
>>>>Avis, age 30 ( Wife )
>>>>Sarah R., age 5
>>>>Margaret, age 4
>>>>Mary E., age 2
>>>>John W., age 4 months (Believed to be the father of Annice)
>>>>Margaret KESSEY, age 21 (Kessey the family name)

The page image below shows James Shumake, age 30, a Mulatto. His wife is listed as Anis, age 29. Both were born in Tennessee. This James was listed on the Application filed by Morris K. Shoemake to the Department of Indian Affairs as his father's brother, who was the son a John Shoemake. See Morris K. Records.

Here is a note concerning Margaret, age 4 in 1850, daughter of James Shoemake. It was submitted by
:Daphne Mitchell (I have no personal evidence of this record).

Margaret Jane married Charles Ferguson on November 26, 1872 in Pikeville, Bledsoe, TN. Charles (parents Thomas L. Ferguson and Matilda Childress) was born October 28, 1840 in Bledsoe County, TN. He died November 23, 1904 in Pikeville, Let, Bledsoe County, TN.

Margaret Jane Shoemate and Charles Ferguson had the following children: (married
on November 26, 1872 in Pikeville, Bledsoe, TN.
-----1. Julia Ellen (Ella) Ferguson was born October 21, 1863 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. She died
- -------September 24, 1954 in Los Angeles, LA County, CA.
-----2. Walter Ferguson was born August 3, 1873. 3. Annie Ferguson was born January 29, 1876.
-----4. Hallie Ferguson was born September 27, 1878.
-----5. John Ferguson was born May 23, 1884.
-----6. Maggie Ferguson was born April 27, 1887.

Below is the page image of the 1850 census of Bledsoe County listing Hannah, age 52, a Mulatto, born in South Carolina. If her age is correct she would have been born abt., 1798. She could not read or write.In her household were 3 girls and an Alfred Skillorn.(Could Alfred be of Indian descent? His names lends itself to an Indian name).
Thomas, age 19 is apparently the son of Hannah. He was born in Tennessee, but he is not listed as a Mulatto.

It is reported that Alfred Skillern, who was born on or abt., July 17, 1819, Bledsoe County, the same who
was living in the household of Hannah, married one of her daughters, Mariah Shoemate (Shoemake) B. 1827, D. 1874 in Bledsoe County, TN. Alfred Skillern was the son of William Skillern and Mary (Polly) Anderson.

It is reported that Mariah and Alfred Skillern had the following shildren:

-----1. Mary Skillern, B. 1847
-----2. Susannah J.Skillern, 1849
-----3. John Thomas Skillern, B.1851
-----4. James A. Skillern, B. 1852
-----5. Martha Frances Skillern, B. 1858
-----6. Laura A. Skillern, B. 1860
-----7. Marilda Skillern, B. 1862
-----8. David Skillern, B 1867
-----9. Catherine "Kitty" Skillern, B. 1871
-----10. Rebecca Skillern, B. 1871

It is also reported that after Mariah died in 1874, Alfred Skillern remarried to Mary Dukes.

Below is another page image showing William Shumake. His name is #337, or the 10th one down. He also is shown as being a Mulatto, age 45, born in Tennessee. His wife Fanny is 34, born in North Carolina; and Richard Shumake age 22. He is listed as a Mulatto, born in Tennessee.(It appears that Richard is William's son).

Below is the census image bearing the name of Scotty, a female, age 12; Margaret, age 11, and Emmly (?) age 7. These three girls were living in the home of Thomas Southerland. (1850)

Shown on the census image, 1850 census, Dicy Shumake is 54 years of age, born in SC, and is listed as a Mulatto. She has another female in her household, Sarah. who is 40 years of age, born in SC., She too is listed as a Mulatto. All those living in her household are Mulattos, born in Tennessee. Dicy was the daughter of John Shoemake and sister to John Fletcher according to Morris K. Shoemake. I can not understand or explain what relationship those in Dicy's household would be. Did Dicy have children? Was she married? Did she have children out of wedlock? More Information

My Notes....

Below is a conclusion I have reached as of February 20, 2006. This is subject to change.

Solving The Mystery of Bledsoe County Shoemakes.

Here is the problem we are running into with James, Robert, and William, who are said to be the sons of John Shoemake of SC. It is recorded that each of these men were born in Tennessee. Their ages match with those of John in SC in 1810, but the census state they were born in Tennessee. How do we deal with this? I don't know at the present.

In 1810 John had 3 boys under 10. This would account for Robert, and William. But it would not account for James for he was born abt., 1820 in Tennesse, and believed to be the son of John Fletcher.. John had one son between 10 and 16.in 1810, and this would account for John Fletcher. We must find that fourth son under 10 in 1810. (It is believed by some that the father of these four shoemakes moves to Jackson County, Alabama and is seen there on the 1830, 1840. amd 1850 census).

The missing son, could have been the John that died in 1813 in Bledsoe County whose will was administered by a John Thomas, believed to be his father-in-law. (See the 1850 census of Bledsoe County for Betsy Shomake living next door to a John Thomas.

The only other explanation I have at this point, is there was a John between the John that left SC and the John who is the father of Robert, William.James.and John Fletcher

It was interesting to me that I found a John Shoemake, age 55, born in SC., living in Overtone County, Tennessee when the 1850 census were taken. His wife's name was Hannah, she was 61 years of age, born in North Carolina, and the couple had two children: Jackson, age 25, a male, born in Tennessee, and Sarah, age 12, born in Tennessee. (These were listed as being white). Was this John part of the Chesterfield County, SC group? I do not know at the present.

Now for Samuel-He had a total of 4 sons in SC. The birth dates for his sons in SC will match up to those found in Bledsoe County for a David, and a Thomas. This leaves two unaccounted for. Samuel [III]., that was last seen in Chesterfield County in 1800. and one other son is missing. There was a Bartimaus, abt 77 years of age in 1850 living in Bledsoe County. This person could have been a son of Samuel who was between 90-100 when the 1830 census were taken. If this were true then all of Samuel's sons [Samuel II] are accounted for except Samuel [III]., the son of Samuel II.