Humble Cemetery Photos
Bledsoe County, Tennessee

The Grave Site of John W. Shoemate
Born 1878 / Died 1957
Son of James Shoemate
Name Spelled Shoemake On Federal Census

The Grave Site of Annice B. Shoemate
Born 1897 / Died 1988
Daughter of John W. Shoemate

Grave Site of Hannar (Hannah) Shoemate
Born 1791 / Died 1882
Name Spelled Shoemake On Federal Census

Grave Site of Minnie Shoemate
Born 1865 / Died 1945

The Grave Site of Thomas S. Shoemate

Thomas S. Shoemate

The headstone of Thomas S. Shoemate is difficult to read. However, I visited the site and wrote down the dates which are:
Born 1832 / Died 1914

His wife's name was Rachel. She was born in 1832 and died in 1882

Grave Site of Jesse L. Shoemate
Born 1887 / Died 1947

JamesB. Shoemate
Born 1884 / Died 1957
Mamie B. Shoemate (Wife)
Born 1886 / Died 1960
The above headstones are not all that are situated in the cemetery. However, they are all the pictures that were available to me-H. D. Shuemake