Humble Cemetery Photos
Bledsoe County, Tennessee
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The Grave Site of John W. Shoemate
Born 1878 / Died 1957
Grandfather of Annice Shoemate
Name Spelled Shoemake On Federal Census

The Grave Site of Annice B. Shoemate
Born 1897 / Died 1988
Daughter of J. W. Shoemate
The grave marker for her father reads
J. W. Shoemate (Photo below)

Grave Site of J. W. Shoemate
Father of Annice Shoemate
Born 1850 / Died 1916
His name was John W. Shoemate

Grave Site of Annis (Avis) Shoemate
Wife of J. W. Shoemate
Mother of Annice
Dates of Birth and Death
were not legible

Grave Site of Hannar (Hannah) Shoemate
Born 1791 / Died 1882
Name Spelled Shoemake On Federal Census

Grave Site of Minnie Shoemate
Born 1865 / Died 1945

The Grave Site of Thomas S. Shoemate

Thomas S. Shoemate

The headstone of Thomas S. Shoemate is difficult to read. However, I visited the site and wrote down the dates which are:
Born 1832 / Died 1914

His wife's name was Rachel. She was born in 1832 and died in 1882

Grave Site of Jesse L. Shoemate
Born 1887 / Died 1947

James B. Shoemate
Born 1884 / Died 1957
Mamie B. Shoemate (Wife)
Born 1886 / Died 1960
His son Larance Shoemake died in the State of Mo.

Shown to the left
Is the grave marker
On the grave of
Jesse W. Shoemake
Born September 25, 1881
Died November 24, 1952

The above headstones are not all that are situated in the cemetery. However, they are all the pictures that were available to me-H. D. Shuemake
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