The Bledsoe County Shoemate, Shoemake

After several years of research on the Shoemake family line that migrated to Tennessee on or about 1800, I have reached a conclusion that the following is more accurate than any other reasoning, that I have been able to come up with. I ask that if there is anyone who has a more true record to submit it to me for further research.
H. D. Shuemake

Samuel Shoemake (Father who migrated from SC)
>>>William Thomas Shoemake (Shoemate) B. Prior to 1775 Married Hannah (died between 1830-1840)
>>>>>James Shoemake (Shoemate) B. 1820 , son of Hannah, Brother to Thomas born about 1830.
>>>>>>>>John W. Shoemake (Shoemate) B. 1850, Son of James
>>>>>>>>>>>Annice Shoemate, daughter of John W.

Could the following have been the daughters of Hannah and William Thomas who went to live with Mr. Southerland after Hannah's husband died?

In 1840 there were Scitty (Scotty), Margaret, and Emaley Shoemake living in the home of Thomas Southerland, age 60, only 12 doors down from William, James and Sarah

1840 Census Bledsoe County, Tennessee

Hannah is shown with two boys in her home: The 1850 census show Hannah as being born in South Carolina.
1 male between 5-10,
1 male between 10 - 15.
She has
1 female under 5;
1 female 10-15;
1 female 15-20;
1 female, 50-60, apparently herself.

Note: In the 1830 census, there were two males under 10 years of age. In the 1940 census there were two males under 10, but if you keep with the 1930 census there would have been two males above 10 years of age. However, this would evident that one male has left the house hold and a new son has been born into the family. Thomas Shoemake was born in 1834 and his father died while his mother was pregnant with Thomas. Click here for more information on the Thomas who was born in 1834.

1830 Bledsoe County
Thomas Shomak (Shoemake) In his household were listed the following (all Free Colored Persons) page 279
2 males under 10 (Born in the 1820s)
1 male 55-100 ( believed to be Thomas)
2 females under 10
1 female 24-36 (Possibly Thomas's wife. Hannah was born in the 1890s in SC).).
1 female 55-100 (This could not have been Thomas' wife). This age for Hannah will not fit into other ages given for her in other places. The most Hannah could have been at this date would have been 39.