Bledsoe County Tennessee Land Records

Let me preface this section by stating that we know from Morris K. Shoemake's own record that James, William and Robert were his uncles.(See Morris K. Documents)

The following records are a list of some of the land transactions regarding the Shoemakes in Bledsoe County Tennessee between 1800 and 1890. This by no means includes all. When viewing these records, remember that a John Shoemake's estate was probated on or about 1814 in Bledsoe County. See Court Documents.

On February 11, 1828, a Robert Shoemake bought sixty-four acres of land from Thomas Riddle ( D 327). On November 13, 1832, he purchased 400 acres of land from John Bridgman, Book F, page 145. Both parcels were in Bledsoe County. I have copies of the deeds in hand.

Robert Shoemake sold 73 acres in 1834, Book F, page 290.

In 1850 there was a Robert Shoemake in Autauga County, Alabama. It is believed that the Robert who purchased land in Bledsoe is the same one who appears in Autauga County, AL. The Robert of Bledsoe County can not be found in Tennessee in 1850, so apparently he has moved to Alabama.

>On June 18, 1839, Robert Shoemake deeded to Eli Thurman, of Bledsoe County, 300 acres of land for the sum of $1,000. The deed states that Robert was living in Dekalb County, Alabama at the time the deed was made. (Ref. Deed of Conveyance, P-246 ).

It is reported by Morris K. Shoemake, that his grandfather, John Shoemake had three sons, other than his father,. John Fletcher. Their names were: James, William and Robert. Each of these sons have been located in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. James was the father of John W. Shoemake, the father of Eunice Shoemate (Shoemake) with whom I spoke in 1980. Robert, I have not, as of yet, been able to place with any one.

Deed Recorded in Bledsoe County Tennessee

Deed of Bill A Sale to ROBERT SHOEMATE
From John Bridgman
On 13 day of November, 1832
Robert Shoemate bought 400 Acres of land, out of a 5,000 Acre Tract. Robert Shoemate paid the sum of $700.(Bk., F, Page 145)

William Shoemake bought from Irvin Aller 120 acres on January 9, 1854, Book M, page 32. William Shumake is shown to be age 45. on the 1850 census, born in Tennessee, his wife being Fanny, age 34, born in NC. He is also shown as being a Mulatto

In 1805, John Shoemake purchased 50 acres of land from Thomas Holloway which was situated on Walton's Ridge in Bledsoe County. The property was conveyed on the 23rd day of September, 1805. However, the deed was not recorded until the 11th day of January, 1828. I have a copy of the deed in hand. Why the delay in recording the deed I do not know. This deed tells me that John Shoemake was in Bledsoe County, Tennessee by 1805. (I had previously stated the transaction had occured on September 28, 1825, D. 224) However, after obtaining a copy of the hand written document, a correction was made.

In the 1837 tax list, one will find Zimeriah Card, Isaac Shoemate, John Shoemate, Eli Thurman, John Thomas. They are all in district 6. That is the district where the town of Pikeville is. That would be where highway 30 and the Kiuka trace go into the Sequatchie valley. The Indians came across the Kiuka trace coming from the Tennessee River and going into the Sequatchie Valley.

DEED NO.# 4338 JOHN SHOEMATE to John Bridgman
December 19, 1836
JOHN SHOEMATE is actually letting John Bridgman buy 2 parcels of land which is a 200 acre tract, and a 100 acre tract, and John Bridgmen is paying $500 cash in hand

One parcel of land being 200 acres was originally given to John Shoemake (Shoemate) in a "Land Grant" from the State of Tennessee on May 16, 1833. The other parcel of land containing 100 acres was originally given to John Shoemake in a "Land Grant" from the State of Tennessee on January 28, 1831.

November 7, 1825


A Deed Stating
"Conveyance from Thomas Holloway to John Shewmake, duly acknowledge in court, by the...., Ordered to be certified for registration. Recorded July 11, 1828
The land was conveyed on September 23, 1805. This would have had to
be the father of John Fletcher Shoemake, or a relative, because John Fletcher
Would have only been 10 years old at that time.

William Shoemake sold to Thomas Hail, 40 acres on March 17, 1856, Book M, page 282. (This would have been a brother to John Fletcher)

William Shoemake sold to W.T. Murry 100 acres in 1887, Book S, page 425, 427.

R.B. and L.M. Shoemate received from their father Thomas Shoemate a parcel of land on October 12, 1888, Book S, page 473, also Book T. page 473

E. P. Shomake sold 5,000 acres to L. Soyal in 1887, Book T, page 263.

A.J. Shoemaker and Nancy Boucher received 30 acres of land from T. Gregory on November 28, 1890, Book U, page 61

Thomas Shomate, on May 25, 1880 paid $3,000 to Jesse C. Robinson for land lying in the 7th Civil District., Bledsoe County on Pikeville Road, 2 miles of Pikeville.