Calico "Bill" Smith

Family Legends or Fables

Part II


>>>>>Browsing around over the internet, every once in awhile you can find bits of information that ties thiings together. There is someone out there that has done some research in a different area that causes the dots to connect for you. Below is some research that I was able to pick up off the Internet, and I am listing a portion of it for you. Again, it is up to you to decide if William F. Smith, known as Calico "Bill" Smith was truly a Cherokee, American Indian, or was this just a ledend passed down by members of the family.

Descendants of Milton Smith
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Obituary for Robert Harrison Smith: Bottom of Page

Generation No. 1

>>>>>1. Milton 1 Smith was born 1810 in North Carolina (Source: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN census.), and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1860 Bledsoe Co., TN census.). He married Margaret J. Sapp.
She was born Abt. 1820 in Tennessee (Source: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN census.).

Notes for Milton Smith:

>>>>>Both Sam and Arthur Layne, children of Mollie Smith and Spencer Layne, related the Smith's came from Germany, although the spelling was probably different.

>>>>>Milton, age 39, and Margaaret, age 30, were farming in Bledsoe County during the 1850 census with 5 children, William age 13, Nancy J., age 11, Thomas F. age 7, Martha age 5 and Mary age 2.

Notes for Margaret J. Sapp:
>>>>>When the 1860 census was taken, Margaret was listed as head of her household in Bledsoe County. She had 6 children living with her, Nancy J. age 20, Thomas F. age 17, Mary E. age 14, Margaret K. age 11, Phebe age 9 and M. M. age 6. (William F. would of been 23, and he is absent. It is reported that he had enlisted as a soldier in the Civil war. The Obituary for his son, Charles Wilder Smith, stated that William F. fought for the Union Army. Apparently his father had died by this time: My Notes)

>>>>>During the 1870 Bledsoe County census, Margaret, age 50, was listed as head of the household that included William, age 33, his wife Synthia J., age 27, their children Wm. H. age 5, Margaret age 3 and Martha C. age 1, and her daughters Pricilla A. age 18 and Mildred M., age 15. (This is after the Civil War, and William F. has returned to his mother's home with a wife. His mother is a widow for his father had died prior this time: My Notes).

Children of Milton Smith and Margaret Sapp are:

>>>>> 2 i. William F. "Calico Bill" 2 Smith, born 03 Nov 1838 in Tennessee; died 07 May 1915 in >>>>>Grundy Co., TN.
>>>>>3 ii. Nancy J. Smith, born Abt. 1839 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN census.).
>>>>>4 iii. Thomas F. Smith, born Abt. 1843 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN census.).
>>>>>5 iv. Martha Smith, born Abt. 1845 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN census.).
>>>>>6 v. Mary E. Smith, born Abt. 1848 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN census.).
>>>>>7 vi. Margaret K. Smith, born Abt. 1850 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1860 Bledsoe Co., TN >>>>>census.).
>>>>>8 vii. Phebe Smith, born Abt. 1851 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1860 Bledsoe Co., TN census.).
>>>>>9 viii. Priscilla A. Smith, born Abt. 1852 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1870 Bledsoe Co., TN census.).
>>>>>10 ix. Mildred M. Smith, born Abt. 1854 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1860 Bledsoe Co., TN >>>>>census.).

Headstone For
William F. Smith
Calico "Bill" Smith

Headstone For
Elizabeth Stitch Smith
Wife of William F. Smith

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Scroll down to the second article in the left column and you will see the article on Charles Wilder Smith, son of William F. Smith: Calico "Bill" Smith

Obituary and Tombstone of Robert Harrison Smith, son of Calico "Bill" Smith

Obit of Robert Harrison Smith
Son of William F. (Calico Bill) Smith
and Elizabeth Stitch Ivey Smith

Sequatchie Valley News
Sept. 27, 1934

Robert Harrison Smith, of Gruetli was found on Hwy. No. 56, some two miles from Tracy City, Grundy Co.Tn. He was suffering from a factured skull and was carried to the hospital in Sewanee, Franklin Co.Tn. where he died soon after arriving. The presumption is that he attended the fair
and had started for his home sometime Sat. night late, on foot. And that he was struck by an automobile. He is survived by his mother; a brother, Charles W. Smith of Altamont; two sisters, Mrs. Spencer Layne and Miss Annie Smith of Grundy Co.Tn.

There is a discrepancy between the date of death on the tombstone and the obituary. The tombstone lists Sept. 1, 1935 and the Obituary states that he was injured on Saturday night prior to Sept. 27, amd died shortly after being carried to the hospital.


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