William F. "Calico Bill" Smith Part III


Calico "Bill" Smith

Generation No. 2

"Tracing Wm.F."Calico Bill" Smith and Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith on the Census"

The Father of William F. Smith, known as Calico "Bill" Smith
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>>>>>1. Milton1 Smith was born 1810 in North Carolina (Source: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN census.), and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Bledsoe Co., TN (Source: 1860 Bledsoe Co., TN census.). He married Margaret J. Sapp. She was born Abt. 1820 in Tennessee (Source: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN census.)

>>>>>2. William F. "Calico Bill" 2 Smith (Milton1) was born 03 Nov 1838 in Tennessee (Source: Lucille
Johnson.), and died 07 May 1915 in Grundy Co., TN (Source: Lucille Johnson). See Below, New Evidence showing that William F. "Calico Bill" Snith was born one year earlier than listed on the 1850 census

>>>>>He married (1) Cynthia J. Robinett Abt. 1865. She was born Abt. 1840 in Georgia (Source: 1880 Marion Co.TN census.), and died Aft. 1900 in Marion Co., TN (Source: 1900 Marion Co. TN. census).

>>>>>He married (2) Elizabeth Stitch, daughter of Joseph Stitch. She was born 16 May 1850 in Ohio (Source: Fall Creek Cemetery tombstone.), and died 19 Jan. 1938 in Grundy Co., TN (Source: Fall Creek Cemetery tombstone.). More information on Elizabeth below.

Notes for William F. "Calico Bill" Smith:

>>>>>William, age 13, was living with his parents and siblings in Bledsoe County during the 1850 census.
Bill was in Co. A of the Tennessee Calvary during the Civil War. Lucille Johnson states he "was captured in the
Battle of Chickamauga in 1863 and remained a prisoner until the war was over." She also states he had been
married previously and had eight children from his first marriage. She adds "He and Lizzie moved from Walden's Ridge about 1889 with a wagon and team of oxen, settled first near Laager then moved to Gruetli where he lived until his death of a heart attack." (Source: Lucille Johnson)

New Evidence About William F. "Calico Bill" Smith's Age:

Department of The Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington D.C.

>>>>>>After the viewing of William F. Smith's parents Bible (Milton Smith father), pulished by American Bible Society, by A. Hanks, it was learned that William F. "Calico Bill" Smith was born on November 4, 1836. Smith was a soldier, of Co "A" 4th Tennessee Calvary, He filed for a Pension for his service. The Pension Claim Number 252579. Mr. A. Hanks represented the Department of Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, DC who completed the investigation for approving or disapproving the request for a pension.


1950 Cenesus of the Community of Nine Mile, near Pikeville

>>>>>>Shown below on the 1850 Federal Census are: Household # 442: Dred Smith; father of Elizabeth Smith; Household #445: Thomas Smith, (age 71) father of Melton Smith; Household #446: Melton Smith, father of William F. Smith, known as Calico Bill.

>>>>>Several things call for an observation in the census page shown above.

Household # 442:
Dred Smith, age 45; Matilda, age 37; Elizabeth 16 yrs old; Margaret 14 yrs. old; Brachen 12 yrs. old; Nancy J. 11 yrs. old; Fanny 5 yrs.old; and John 3 yrs. old.

>>>>>*It has been learned that Dred Smith's real name was Eathel Eldredge Smith. He is listed on other Census records as Dresden.

#445 Household: There is a Thomas Smith age 71 that appears on this page, . He is shown with his wife Mildred (Adkins), age 63; with the following children: James R., age 22; Benjamin, age 19; and Nancy McCulley, age 30. Thomas Smith is reported to be the father of Milton Smith, grandfather to William F. "Calico Bill" Smith.

>>>>>*Other reports state that Thomas Smith was born in. Virginia, and migrated to N.C. In N.C. he met and married Mildred Atkins. She was pure German and never spoke one word of english, so their descendants say. It is said that Thomas Smith learned German from his wife, Mildred, and that is how they communicated. Thomas and Dred are said to be no relation.

>>>>>Shown also in the above census is the household of Milton Smith, the father of William F., "Calico Bill" Smith; See below the listing:

# 446 Househld: Melton Smith, age 39 (Milton); Margaret 30, wife; ( She is said to have been Margaret Jane Sapp); William age 13 (this is William F.Smith, later nicknamed "Calico Bill" His age on the census is 13, but other records show he was born in 1836, thus making him 14 years of age. Others on the census are: Nancy 11; Thomas F. 7; Martha 5; Mary 2.

>>>>>* Notation of William F. Smith's age: The census for 1850 show his age to be 13, making him to be born in 1837. However, his age is shown in the family Bible belonging to Milton Smith his father, that he was born in 1836. This birth date is also shown on his Army Record.

>>>>>From my research: While there were a number of Smiths living at the community of Nine Mile, TN near Pikeville, there was no kinship, blood kin, between Dred Smith and Melton Smith, the father of William F. "Calico Bill" Smith or Thomas Smith. They were a seperate set of Smiths.

>>>>>During the 1870 Bledsoe County census, William, called Williamm. F. age 33 years old, and Cynthia, (called Synthia J.) and 27 years old, were living in his mother's household with his sisters Pricilla and Mildred, along with his children, William. H., age 5, Margaret age 3 and Martha C., age 1. (See 1870 Census Below):

>>>>>>William F., for some reason does not show up on the 1860 Census records.

>>>>>>Note the above census page, number 27. Here you will see 1870 Census. Listed are, William F. Smith, known as Calico Bill Smith living in his mother' household. Her name is M. J. Smith (Margaret J. Sapp Smith).
Listed under her name is Wm. F. Smith, (Calico Bill), age 33, a farm laborer; (It is said that William, Calico Bill's father had died and he had moved in to help with his widowed mother). Syntha(Cynthia), age 27,
the wife of William F. (Calico Bill
); Priscilla A (Calico's Sister), age 18; Mildred M. (Calico's Sister), age 18; Wm.H.Smith (Calico's SON), age 5; Margaret Smith(Calico's Daughter), age 3;and Martha C Smith (Calico's Daughter) age 1.

>>>>>>The Civil War having been ended just five years before, Calico Bill, is now apparently living with his mother. Having gone through the war, and having served as a prisoner of war, (The obituary of his son Charles W. Smith, states he fought for the Union Army during the War between the States), and having become sick during his incarceration as a prisoner, his father had died apparently prior to 1860, he returns home to help his mother; this might be an explanation why he is living in his mother's household. (My Notes)

>>>>>>My Notes: Gary Taylor a descendant of William Brocklin Smith, (Gg-Grandfather) reported to me that William "Calico Bill" Smith was the father of William Brocklin Smith who died in Ada, OK. He said William Brocklin's mother was Elizabeth. ( It is reported that William.Brocklin arrived in Pototomoc County of .Oklahoma. and the Ada and Coalgate Ok. area in sometimes between 1900-to 1904. He is said to be buried at the Rosehill Cementery both he and his wife Martha Mattie Keener).

>>>>>>Census records show an Elizabeth Smith, born to Dred Smith in 1850, being 16 years of age, living only four houses away from where William F. Smith's father, Milton Smith, lived. (See the above Census). William F., is shown to be the age of 13. Between the 1850 census and the 1870 census there is not another William shown to be living in the Nine Mile Community. William F. did not show up on the 1860 census, maybe because he had enlisted in the Union Army. Is it possible that through some strange circumstances, unknown to us, that this William F. could have been the father of this Elizabeth's children of whom William Brocklin Smith was one of them? After all, William B., said that William . was his father and said he was called Calico Bill, back in Tennessee. While there is no evidence that I can find that William F., "Calico Bill" and Elizabeth were ever married or lived together, it appears from circumstansal evidence that he may be the father of her children.

Lucille Johnson Continues Stating:

>>>>>"When the 1880 census of Marion County was taken, W.F., age 43, and Cynthia J., age 40, were farming in the 6th District. There were 8 children in the household, William H., age 14, Margaret E., age 13, Martha C. age 11, James T. age 9, John M., age 7, Jesse F. age 5, Minta C. age 2 and Fannie age 4 months and born in Feb.

>>>>>"The G.A.R. Post record of the Aug. 10, 1895 meeting states:"Application of W.F. Smith received and elected and mustered with the post." (See Picture of Members of the Post in 1899--Click Here).

>>>>>"The "Sequatchie Valley News" reported in Sept. 1895 from Victoria that "W.F. Smith, of Kelley's Ferry, a comrade of Post 53, G.A.R., who served in Co. A. 4th Tenn. Cavalry, started for Atlanta >Tuesday to meet a comrade who was a prisoner with him at Anderson, whom he has not seen in 31 years. We would like to see those old boys meet."

>>>>>"The newspaper reported in 1899 "William Smith passed through this vicinity Tuesday en route for his home on the mountain."

1900 Census: William F. Smith, "Calico Bill"
Lucille Johnson Continues Stating:

>>>>>"At the time of the 1900 Grundy County census, William.F., age 63, and Elizabeth, age 50, were farming in District 2. This census states they had been married 25 years and she had 5 children with 4 living. The children at home were Charles age 13, Robert age 11 and Annie age 8.

The Following in Italics Are My Notes

>>>>>Seeing that he is living with Elizabeth for the past 25 years, he is no longer with Syntha (Cynthia),
to whom he was married to in 1870. So, sometimes between 1870 and 1875 he has a new wife.
However, there seems to be a bit of contradiction between the report of Mrs. Lucille Johnson and the Federal Census: When the 1880 census of Marion County was taken, W. F., age 43, and Cynthia J., age 40, were farming in the 6th District. (My Notes).

>>>>>It is reported that William F."Calico" Smith and Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith, daughter of Dred Smith, were born and grew up as neighbors. One can find them listed on the 1850 Bledsoe Co. Census living just four households away from each other,with their respected families in the Nine Mile Community. He being 13 yrs. Old and she being 16 yrs. old. It is said, though they both had the surname of Smith, William F. "Calico" Smith and Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith were of no blood kin to each other. The two Smith families were not blood kin or related to each other, according to those who have researched the family lines. (My Notes). More Related Information Click here.

Lucille Johnson Continues Stating:

>>>>>"The "Sequatchie Valley News" related that W. F. Smith represented Gruetli at the 1901 G.A.R. reunion and again in 1907.

>>>>">"During the 1910 census, William, age 73, and Lizzie, (Elizabeth), age 59, were farming in District 2. This census states it was a 3rd marriage for him, a 2nd for her and that they had been married for 35 years. She had 5 children with 4 living. The children at home were Charlie age 23, Robert age 21 and Annie age 18. Bill would tell his son Arthur, about being in the Civil War where he had three horses shot out from under him and about being a prisoner during the Civil War. He said he was first taken to Jacksonville, FL, then New York City,
then Chillacathy, Ohio, then to Andersonville. He would describe the Andersonville prison camp in such a way
that a grandson, Homer Dean Layne, could recognize parts of the camp many years later. Bill said their biggest
need was clean drinking water. One morning he saw 3 men standing on a knoll in the camp. He walked over to
see who they were, the men were gone, but fresh water was coming out of the ground. When the grandson, Homer Dean Layne, visisted the camp in later years he was told a spring had appeared in the camp overnight that became known as Providence Spring.

>>>>>"Bill's obit from the "Sequatchie Valley News" in 1915 stated: "W.F. Smith, commonly known as "Calico Bill" Smith, died at his home near Gruetli Friday morning and was buried Saturday at the cemetery at that place. He was about 80 years old, and is survived by his wife, three sons and two daughters. James Smith of this place is a son. He was a veteran of the civil war, belonging to Co. A. 7th Tenn. Cavalry. He enlisted Nov. 8, 1862, and was discharged June 1865. He had been a member of Post 53 G.A.R. since August 10, 1895. For a number of years he attended the exercises of the Post here on Memorial Day and in September, walking thru the country to be present at them."

>>>>>>My Notes: (I am in a quandry regarding the children of William F. "Calico Bill" Smith. The above obituary reported by Lucille Johnson states that "Calico Bill" being about 80 years old, and survived by his wife, and three sons and two daughters. I am assuming these were by Lizzie (Elizabeth) Stitch for she is the last woman he was said to be married to. In the 1880 Census he is living with Cynthia J., with eight children in the household. Later on the census she is stated as being a widow. Counting all the children thus far we have five children with Lizzie (Elizebth); eight with Cymthia; and three with Elizebeth "Betsy" Smith of Nine Mile Community, according to William Brocklin Smith, a son of Calico Bill, who died in Ada, Oklahoma. This would total 16 children. However, I realize that there is the possibility that some of the children listed on the census could have belonged to the women by a previous husband. However, this does make for a bit of a perdicament when trying to sort it all out, when there is listed only four (4) children in the Obituary. The census records will show that there was no other William Smith living in the Nine-Mile Community, Bledsoe County, TN., area during the time period that is under discussion. So, William F. "Calico Bill" Smith must have been the one man who lived with or shared a personal friendship with each of these three women. Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith; Cynthia J.; and Lizzie (Elizabeth) Stitch.

>>>>>>William Bracklin Smith, whose mother was Elizabeth Smith of Bledsoe County, said his father was William "Calico Bill" Smith.)
More About William F. "Calico Bill" Smith:
Burial: Fall Creek Cemetery, Grundy County, TN

Lucille Johnson Continues Stating:

Notes for Cynthia J. Robinett:
>>>>>During the 1900 Marion County census, Cynthia, listed as 70 years old and widowed, was living in District 13 with her children Mintie age 21 and Sam age 19.

Notes for Elizabeth Stitch:
>>>>>"Family lore states Lizzie (Elizabeth) came to America from Germany when she was nine years old to Indiana. She was hired out to stay with a family and work. It was during the Civil War and she got separated from her family and the people she was with moved south and brought her with them. She never saw her parents again.
The 1910 Grundy census states she was born in Ohio and both parents were born in Germany. (My Notes: I question this report).

>>>>>"During the 1920 Grundy County census, Elizabeth, age 69 and widowed, was living in District 2 with her son Robert, age 31, and daughter, Anna, age 28. When the 1930 Grundy County census was taken, she, age 79 and widowed, was living in District 2 with Robert and Annie."

More About Elizabeth Stitch:
Burial: Fall Creek Cemetery, Grundy County, TN

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