Calico "Bill" Smith


Below are two related articles regarding Calico "Bill" Smith who is said to have been a
full-blooded Cherokee Indian.

Family Legend or Fable

Hi H.D.

I am a direct descendant of Calico Bill Smith. Arminta Smith's brother, William B. Smith, is my gg-grandfather.

My grandmother was Lula Smith-Thomas. She was the granddaughter of William B. Smith and Martha Keener. Her parents were Terry Smith and Susie Dykes. My mother is Dorothy Thomas, who married Erbie Taylor.

It was well known that Calico Bill (or Will, as he was also called) was a full blood Cherokee. My granny talked about him a lot, and I (and others in my family) have been trying to get some sort of documentation on him for years. My granny remembered seeing a photo of Calico when she was a little girl in Tennessee. She said he was tall and slim with long braids hanging down over each shoulder. I would love to find a photo or any other documentation of him.

Since you mention Calico Smith as Arminta's father, I was wondering whether you have anything in your files that might show a picture of him, or anything else related to him. Looking at Arminta's photos, she definitely appears to be Native American. I know somewhere there must be a photo or other documentation of Calico.

Gary Taylor

Hello H.D.

You have the story correct according to my grandmother. She was born in what is now Fall Creek Falls state park in 1900. She told us that Calico was a full blood Cherokee and was one of the lucky ones who escaped into the mountains during the forced removal of the Cherokees. She never met him, as far as I know, but did clearly remember seeing his photo and remembered his long braids. My granny moved to Oklahoma in 1908. Calico's son, W.B. Smith, my gg-grandfather is buried around Ada, Oklahoma. Anyway, I appreciate the information and look forward to hearing from you again.


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