Death Certificates And Documents of William F. "Calico Bill" Smith's
Family Members


>>>>>>Much research has been done on the background of William F. "Calico Bill" Smith and his family members. On this page, I will present both copies of the Bledsoe County, TN Census, Death Certificates, and some photos I have been able to acquire. As the reader reads down through these documents, it may be noticed that none of them ever mention that William F. "Calico Bill" Smith was a Cherokee Indian, but rather that he was a white man.

1850 Federal Census of Nine-Mile Community, Bledsoe County, Tennessee

This shows another sister of William.Brocklin Smith, as being WHITE, on the Fannin Tx. Census.
This Sister of William.Brocklin Smith's, Martha Angeline Smith Keener. She and her family,
Waymon J.H.Keener (husband) were living here in Fannin Co.Texas at the same time that William.Brocklin Smith was living with his family on accross the Red River in Ok. She was called by her
middle name ANGELINE. This Census list her as WHITE not Indian, or Mulatto.

It would seem reasonable that she being a sister to William Brocklin Smith, and if she was a daughter
of William F. "Calico Bill" Smith, as was William B., being a son, the records would have shown her being
of Indian descent or Mulatto rather than White, providing William F. "Calico Bill" Smith was a
Cherokee Indian as so stated by William Brocklin Smith.

Remarks Concerning the 1850 Census of Bledsoe County in 1850

>>>>>>The 1850 Census records of Bledsoe County, TN, the Community of Nine-Mile, show an Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Dred Smith, his full name being (Eathelridge) and Matilda Smith) in 1850, She being 16 years of age, living only four houses (households) away from (the household of) Milton Smith,(father of William F. "Caloco Bill" Smith. (See the above Census). William F., is shown to be the age of 13.(according to Pension Claim No.353579 his age was 14, (The 1850 Census was incorrectly stated.) Between the 1850 census and the 1870 census there is not another William (or William F. Smith) shown to be living in the Nine Mile Community. William F. did not show up on the 1860 census. (Because, his Pension Application states, he left Bledsoe Co.TN., in the fall of 1858) This maybe because he had enlisted in the Union Army. (William F.Smith enlisted into the Union Army in the State of Kentucky .on 28 Nov. 1862, according to his Pension Affidavit Papers). After he left Bledsoe Co. fall of 1858, there was a time gap. He spent time between liviing in Bledsoe County and his enlistinig into Union Army in Kentucky, in Franklin Co. Illinois. It is reported that he had several Uncles and Cousins residing in Franklin and Hamilton Co.
Illinois, at the time.

>>>>>>According to the Pension Affidavit Statement made by William F. "Calico Bill" Smith, he stated his whereabouts during this period of time. He states how he had gone back and forth from Bledsoe Co.Tennessee to Kentucky and Illinois during this time period..

Extended Remarks:

>>>>>>Death certificates of three of Elizabeth Betsy Smith's children state that their father was William Smith, born TN. Also the Death Certificate of her son, William Brocklin Smith, who was living in Oklahoma at the time of his death, states that his father's name was William Smith, born in Tennessee. The informat on the death certificate .was his son, Fred Smith. Thus matching the name of the father stated on his sisters' death certificates back in Bledsoe Co.TN. in naming William Smith as their father.

>>>>>>Family Legend Evidence from Oklahoma: After migrating to Oklahoma. from Tennessee. William Brocklin Smith proclaimed to his children and his grandchildren that his father's name was "Calico," sometimes "Calico Bill Smith." Even some Oklahoma.decendants claim he called his father William "Calico Bill" Smith, of Bledsoe Co.TN. In his son Fred Smith's family Bible, it has that William Brocklin's father died in 1917, and William F. "Calico Bill" Smith of Bledsoe, Marion, and Grundy Co. that died in 1915. That is a close comparsion for the difficult way that death news would have traveled from Tennessee. to Oklahoma to the ears of William Brocklin Smith who had already been living in Oklahoma for several yearrs.

>>>>>>Special Note: If any one reading this can document that there was "another" William "Calico Bill" Smith who ever lived in Bledsoe Co.TN., please contact me, and let me know. And I will do research and look diligently into your claim.

>>>>>>Below is the Death Certificate of Arminta Shoemate, called Minne, daughter of William Smith. Bledsoe County, Tennessee, Married to John Shoemate; Buried at Humble Cemetery, south of Pikeville, TN. She would have been born according to the D.C. in 1865.


Listed below is the Death Certificate of Margarette (Margaret) Smith Sullivan. Note that she list William Smith as her father and Elizabeth Smith as her mother. She 68 years of age, Died in 1946, and born in

Waymon Harrison Keener and his wife, Martha Angeline Smith Keener

>>>>>Below is the family picture of Waymon Harrison Keener and his wife, Martha Angeline Smith Keener. She was the daughter of William Smith and brother to William Brocklin Smith. Her mother would have been Elizabeth Smith, of Bledsoe County, TN., They are shown with their children.

Waymon Harrison Keener and his wife, Martha Angeline Smith Keener, and Family

William Brocklin Smith and His Wife, Martha (Mattie) Keener
They were living in Ada, Oklahoma when William died.

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