Daniel de la Chaumette---Shumate-Shoemake

(The following has not been verified by me, but was posted on Ancestry.Com)

>>>>>Daniel de la Chaumette -Shumate, the name was changed about 1777 from french to english to become Americanized. He was born 1712 in Martinigue, french West Indies and died 15 January 1802 in Virigina. He was married 3 times with a total of 16 children. His father was Jean de la Chaumette (1664-1728) and his mother was Elizabeth Bourgeois (1672-1715), she died from an epidemic on the island.Married 1-Elizabeth Taliaferro (1714-1755) in 1736 Prince William co., Va. children Deaveril (1737-177) & Winifred (1739-1821). Married 2-Mary Elizabeth Hoffman (1730-1772) on 1 Feb. 1757 Reform Church Frederick, MD. It is believed that she died from childbirth with her last child. children Anna 1765, Benjamin 1757-1790, john 1760-1794, thomas 1759-1831,Mark Hardin 1758-1838,Susanna 1764-1823, Lydia 1772-1802. Married 3 -Tabitha dodson (1749-1804) married @1774, children Lewis 1774-1861, Mary 1775-1838, Margaret"Peggy" 1776-1819, Strother Dodson 20 January 1781-1834, Nancy 1782, Charlotte 1783-1857, Daniel 1784-1843.

Inventory of Daniel de la Chaumette-Shumate made in Oct. 1784- Negro Thomas, 75 pounds, Bess, 5 pounds four head of horses, eight head of cattle, two sows and 25pigs, seven sheep, three beds and furniture and 12 ticks of feathers, two chests, ten chairs, a gun two tables, a parcel of old pewter, plates, dishes and spoons, a pair of flat irons, ploughs, axes and hoes, two wheels, a loom, tubs, pails and riggins, frying pan and dutch oven, saddles and bridles, a pair od wedges, firetongs, knives and forks,butter pot, three books. Total amount 173 pounds 13 shillings, 9 pence. Thomas Helm, William Conway, John Kerr were the appraisers. source roots web world connect project. Listed in Huegunot Society.