Death Certificates of Shoemake Ancestors

Death Certificate of Larance Shoemake, son of John B. Shoemake:
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1900 Census Richmond Township-Ray Co. Mo.

Shoemake John B. Head b. Oct. 1854 Tn. (father)born in TN. (mother) born in TN.
Shoemake Rowena Wife b. Oct. 1867 Mo. " Mo. " Mo.
Shoemake Mary E. Dau. b. Aug. 1882 " " Tn. " Mo.
Shoemake Ethel M. Dau. b. Nov. 1884 " " Tn " Mo.
Shoemake Daniel B Son b. Jan. 1887 " " Tn. " Mo.
Shoemake (?) Dau. b. Aug. 1891 " " Tn. " Mo
Shoemake Laurance Son b. Aug. 1894 " " Tn. " Mo.
Shoemake Samuel J. Son b. Dec. 1898 " " Tn. " Mo.

Next Door Neighbor: His Mother-In-Law
Cooley Ester Head b. 1828 Tn. (father) Tn. (mother) Tn.
Christenson Arthur Nephew (age 16) b. May 1884 Mo Denmark Mo.
Della McCray Niece (age 15) b. July 1884 Mo. Mo. Mo

Attatched is two Missouri death certificates:
1. John B. Shoemake b. Marion Co.Tn (1854). s/o Fletcher; Died on May 9, 1922 in MO.
(His wife in Missouri)

2. Rowena (Colley) Shoemake-Larmar-Joiner
(can you believe this woman married two more times
after John B. Shoemake died? Her last name is "Joiner"
on her Missouri death certificate, as you can see.

Below is the Death Certificate of John B. Shoemake who was born in Marion County, Tennessee, the son of Fletcher Shoemake, apparently the son of Morris K. Shoemake, He married Rowena Colley. The records show that after the death of John B., she married a Mr. Larmar, and then a Mr. Joiner.

Below is the Death Certificate of Rowena Colley, the wife of John B. Shoemake

George Jackson Shoemake, Death Certificate. He was born in Whitwell, TN. He was born on May 2, 1896 and died on January 6, 1953. His father's name was Thomas Shoemake and his mother's name was Laura Brewer. His wife's name was Frances E. Shoemake