Shoemake / Shoemate Research
By Dusty Williams


>>>>My friend Dusty Williams who lives in the great State of Texas has researched the Shoemake/Shoemate families who lived in Bledsoe County and other parts of Sequatchie Valley, Tennessee, using some of my research and that which he has obtained on his own. He has put it in the proper order and we hope that someone will read it and provide us with additional information whereby we may have a more accurant record.

>>>>You may contact Dusty at: ; or you may email me at

>>>>>Shoemake Research Page 1

>>>>>John Wesley Shoemake Page 2

>>>>>Samuel Shoemake Page 3

>>>>>Samuel Shoemake Descendants Page 4

>>>>>Descendants of Henry Keasey Page 5

>>>>>Scotty Shumake, Bledsoe County Page 6