Shoemake / Shoemakers of Georgetown SC


The following is a summary of information relating to the Georgetown Shoemakes that was given to me. I have no proof of this record, but I have included it whereby someone reading it might have more information. If so, I trust they will feel free to submit it to me. (All Italics are mine).


>>> 1. Sarah Shoemaker, born say 1730, was living in Craven County, North Carolina, in May 1754 when the court issued a summons for her to show cause why her child John Bowers should not be bound out [Haun, Craven County Court Minutes, IV:231]. She was the mother of
>>>>>>i. John Bowers, born before May 1754.
>>>>>>ii. ?Saul Bowers, born say 1760, head of a Craven County household of 3 "other free" in 1790 [NC:131].

>>> 2. James Shoemaker, born say 1740, and his wife Mary were "Black" taxables in Fishing Creek District, Granville County, North Carolina, in 1762 [CR 044.701.19], and he was an insolvent taxpayer in Samuel Benton's 1764 list. He was among the "Black" members of the undated colonial muster roll of Captain James Fason's Northampton County militia [Mil. T.R. 1-3] and was head of a Georgetown District, Prince George's Parish, South Carolina household of 7 "other free" in 1790. Perhaps his children were
>>>>>>i. Sampson, sued for a debt of 32 pounds in Marlboro County, South Carolina, on 5 March 1788 [Court Minutes 1785-1808, n.p.]. He recorded a plat for 100 acres in Craven on the southwest side of Catfish Swamp in Georgetown District on 16 November 1787 [S.C. Archives Series S213190, vol. 22, p.152, item 2]. He was head of a Prince George Parish household of 6 "other free" in 1790 and 1 in Liberty County in 1800 [SC:806]. John Shoemaker recorded a plat for 997 acres on Catfish Swamp adjoining Sampson's land in Marion District on 19 October 1819 [S.C. Archives Series S213190, vol. 39, p.171].
>>>>>>ii. James Jr., head of a Georgetown District, Prince George's Parish household of 4 "other free" in 1790 and 4 in Liberty County in 1800 [SC:806].

>>>>>>iii. Solomon, born say 1765, head of a Georgetown District, Prince George's Parish household of 4 "other free" in 1790 [SC:56], 1 in Liberty County in 1800 [SC:806], and 5 in Darlington District in 1810 [SC:669]. His land on Black Creek near the Pee Dee River was mentioned in the 4 August 1817 Darlington deed of land to John and William Shoemaker and a 8 June 1822 plat for land in Darlington on Black Creek and the Pee Dee River [DB G:347-8; S.C. Archives Series S213192, vol. 47, p.40]. According to the Cherokee Claim of his grandson Samuel Evans,
>>>>>>Solomon's wife was named Betty and they had a child named Elizabeth who was born on the Pee Dee River. His other grandparents were Henry and Molly Evans of North Carolina [Application to Eastern Cherokees of the United States, Court of Claims, 1806-1809 microfilm, nos. 28545 and 24480].
>>>>>>iv. John, born about 1766 in South Carolina, a "Mulatto" counted in the 1850 Jackson County, Alabama census, worth $3,000. His daughter Elizabeth was born in Tennessee about 1808 [AL:50a].

>>>>>>Here is a question: Could this John Shoemake who was in Jackson County, Alabama, have been the John from South Carolina, Georgetown area and the John Shoemake who died (1813) in Bledsoe County, Tennessee have been the John from the Chesterfield County, SC? Research is still under way.