Hartwell and Sarah Ann Shuemake


A simular type house many people lived in back in the early years of our great country
The U.S.A.


Hartwell Shoemake, a son of Morgan and Jane Shoemake. He is living in Kershaw County in the Sherman Township. He is married to a woman by the name of Margaret Outlaw, age 30, born in S.C. In the St. Matthews Methodist Church Cemetery there is a tombstone that reads, Margret Outlaw Shoemake The census record shows they have one son by the name of George. From family history (word of mouth) Hartwell had a son by the name of Bogan Cash Shoemake. He was born on January 14, 1880. He Also is burried in the St. Matthews Methodist Church Cemetery west of Darlington, S.C., northwest of Bishopville. I spoke with a daughter of Bogan, Pearl Watford and she varified the story of Hartwell. She was a granddaughter to Hartwell.Morgan's first wife was Maragaret Outlaw. She is buried at St. Matthew's Methodist Church Cemetery near Bishopville, SC. Buried next to Bogan is his wife Maggie Shoemake, his son Oliver Shoemake. Maggie was born on November 22, 1869. She was 78 years of age when she died. Oliver was born on September 4, 1909 and died on February 1, 1919. His death was caused from a mad dog bite. Other children born to Bogan were: Mary Wagdeline, married John Graddy, a doctor who practiced medicine in the area. B. June 6, 1891. Pearl Shoemake, married Hoyt Watford. *I spoke with Pearl in 1978 about the death of Oliver Shoemake. It also was learned from Pearl that Hartwell left his wife and moved to Northwest Florida.

*In the St. Matthews Cementary is the grave of Margaret Outlaw Shoemake. She was the wife of Hartwell. Her father's name was Kinnon Outlaw. Hartwell Shoemake was listed on the voters registration in 1876 as being Hartwell Shormack. (Here again is the misspelling of a name). Also it is reported that Hartwell moved to Florida and apparently took to himself another wife. Her name was Sarah. According to my father and other kinfolks, she was called Auntie. There was a Sarah Ann Shoemake found listed on the census roll of Holmes County, Florida in the 1910 census. (This was in the Popular Springs Community). It is believed that Hartwell was dead by 1903 when my grandfather and my father moved to Mississippi on covered wagons. My father's brother Willie Z., and Sarah lived together in Jackson County, Florida until her death. My father related much of this story to me. I was told by my father and other family members that Sarah Ann was the wife of Hartwell. They referred to her as "Auntie."

Sarah Ann Shuemake was born in South Carolina in or about the year of 1866. There is no known record who her parents were but she was married to Hartwell Shuemake who had left his wife Margaret Outlaw in Bishopville, SC along with his two sons, George and Bogan Cash Shoemake

It is not known why Hartwell left South Carolina, or the exact date. His grandaughter, Pearl Watford, told me all she ever heard about his leaving was the people said he had gone to China. In 1880 he was living with his wife Margaret in Kershaw County, SC according to the Federal Census. It is believed that he took up with Sarah Ann and moved to Houston County, Alabama, to an area called Gared’s Crossroads. His brother James M. Shuemake migrated to the area between 1897 and 1900.

SarahAnn was living in the Popular Springs Community of northern Holmes County, Florida in 1900. She was a boarder in the home of Bryant Cain. She was shown in the census record as being unmarried at the time. In 1910, she was living in the Round Lake Precinct of Jackson County, Florida. Living in her household were Willie Z. and Charley Shuemake who were listed as her nephews. This leads me to believe that she was Hartwell’s wife. Apparently Hartwell died sometime between 1997 and 1900. When my grandfather, along with my father and other members of the family moved to Wingate, Mississippi in 1903, my Uncle Bob Shuemake and his wife remained behind.

When the 1920 census was taken, Willie Z. and Sarah Ann were living together in Jackson County, Florida. She was shown being 54 years of age and Willie was 40. The 1900 census showed her being 34, being born in February of 1866. Here again, The census record would show that the Sarah Ann living in Holmes County in 1900 was the Sarah Ann living with Willie in 1920. She was listed as being his aunt. Therefore, I conclude that she was Hartwell’s wife for Hartwell was Willie’s uncle. Whether they ever married or just lived together is not known to me. When the census was taken in 1935, she was shown being 68 years of age. However, she died in 1939 being 73 years of age. Later, Willie married a woman by the name of Brunner who lived in the community. At the time of Willie’s death in 1952 she had been admitted to the insane asylum.

Sarah Ann is buried at the Hickory Level Baptist Church Cemetery, south of Marianna, Florida. Beside her is buried Willie Z. In each of the census I have found, she was always listed as Willie’s aunt. Going back to the 1910 census where they first appeared together as aunt and nephew, they lived together at least 29 years or more. What relation there was between them it is unknown. (More Info On Hartwell Shuemake)