Humble Cemetery Pikeville, Tennessee
On Land Belonging To L. M. Shoemate


The following information concerning the Humble Cemetery, 4 1/2 miles south of Pikeville, TN shows that the property was owned by L. M. Shoemate. This information was taken from a book written by Patricia Short Makris who compiled the "Descendants of Henry Sullivan" genalogy book; she found in her researching that
the Humble Cemetery sits on the L.M.Shoemate land of long ago.

In other research material, I have found that L. M. Shoemake was the son of William Thomas and Hannah Shoemake, sometimes spelled Shoemate. The couple had a son named Thomas who had a son by the name of L. M. Shoemake ( Click here for: Luscious M. Shoemate b. May 1855). Thomas, son of Hannah, owned 1,000 acres of land 4 miles south of Pikeville. Apparently L. M. became heir to some of this land and was able to contribute land for the cemetery. Hannah, the grandmother of L. M. is buried in the cemetery. Click here for Thomas Shoemake

Below is a page from her book of genealogy where it states that fact.