Humble Cemetery Photos
Bledsoe County, Tennessee
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Charles W. Shoemate
Born 1901 Died 1945

Charlie R.Shoemate
Born? Died 1962

A Second Grave Marker is Found For Hannah
It Is Believed That A New One Replaced
This One

John Thomas Shoemate
Born 1935 Died 1945

Lucius M. Shoemate
Born 1857 Died 1931

Sarah E. Shoemate
Wife of L. M. Shoemate
Born 1869 Died 1892

Matilda E. Shoemate
Born 1850 Died 1893

Rachel Keasey Shoemate
Born ? Died?

Walter Shoemate
Born 1887 Died 1940


Luther B. Shoemate
Born 1883 Died 19??

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