John Wesley Shoemake's Descendants

Below is a report submitted to me realting to John Wesley Shoemake of Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
There were two John Wesley Shoemakes. One was the father and the other the son. They are both buried in the Humble Cemetery south of Pikeville, Tennessee. On the tomstones one reads John W. Shoemake, which has been identified as the son who was born in 1878; the second is inscribed J.W. Shoemake, born in 1850,
who is the father.
The father, J.W. (John Wesley), married Arminta Smith, daughter of Calico Smith and Elizabeth Smith.
John Wesley, the son, is reported to have married Harriet Mudet.

Descendants of John Wesley Shoemate
(The name appears as Shoemake on the Census Roll).

Additional Information on John Wesley, Click here.

The following was taken from the 1900 Federal Census
of John Wesley Shoemate, Jr.

Tennessee, Hamilton 1st Court District Chattanooga April 1910
1900 Census of Chattanooga, Tennessee area show the following:
Shoemate John W. Head m / w / age 35 / Tn /Tn /Tn / Foreman,Lumberyard
(Born in or about 1865)
Harriet Wife ; f/w / age 28/ S.Dakota/ U.S. / S.D./ employment: Sterographer
Baxter, Brother m /w / age 20 / Tn/ Tn/ Tn., employment: Driver, Lumber Co.
Tom, Brother m / w / age 11 / Tn /Tn /Tn., employment: Yard Man, Lumber Co.

There are two Shoemate males buried in the Humble Cemetery. One is named John W., born in 1865 (The grave marker states 1878) and a J. W., Born on May 7, 1850, and died on April 10, 1916. There is some confusion as to the descendants of each. However, Annice Shoemate, with whom I spoke with in 1980 identified J.W. who was born in 1850 as her father. She referred to her father as John W. So we now have two Johns buried in the cemetery. The oldest, J.W., is the father, and the youngest, John W., is the son (both having the same name, only one being a Junior)..

1. JOHN WESLEY (1) SHOEMATE (Sr) was born 07 May 1850, and died 10 Apr 1916. He married ARMINTA SMITH, daughter of CALICO SMITH and ELIZABETH SMITH. She was born 14 Jun 1865 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, and died 12 Sep 1945. ( A Second Report on John Wesley, Click Here).

Below is a Death Certificate if a John Shoemake which could well be the certificate of John Wesley Shoemake.

.....i. JOHN (2) SHOEMATE, m. HARRIET MUDET. (John Wesley Jr.)
.....iii. JOE SHOEMATE.
.....2. iv. WALTER SHOEMATE, b. 10 Oct 1883; d. 20 Jun 1940.
.....3. v. JAMES BLAINE ''JIM'' SHOEMATE, b. Abt. 1885, Bledsoe County, Tennessee; d. 17 Mar 1957, ..........Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
.....4. vi. JERRY BAXTER SHOEMATE, b. 10 Apr 1888, Bledsoe County, Tennessee; d. 02 Feb 1927, ........Bledsoe ..........County, Tennessee. (click here to see death certificate)
.....5. vii. EUNICE SHOEMATE, b. 01 Jan 1894; d. 14 Jun 1955.
.....viii. ANNICE B. SHOEMATE, b. 14 Aug 1896; d. 15 Nov 1988; m. JESSIE LEE
.......... SHOEMATE; b. 22 Aug 1887; d. 11 Dec 1947.
..........More About ANNICE B. SHOEMATE:
..........Burial: Humble Cemetery, Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
..........More About JESSIE LEE SHOEMATE:
..........Burial: Humble Cemetery, Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
.....ix. THOMAS ''TOM'' SHOEMATE, b. 28 Aug 1898; d. Jul 1966.
..........Notes for THOMAS ''TOM'' SHOEMATE: Never Married
.....6. x. CHARLES WESLEY SHOEMATE, b. 31 Oct 1901; d. 17 Apr 1945.
.....xi. IDA LEE SHOEMATE, b. 1904; d. 28 Feb 1939; m. JACK BURNETT.
.....7. xii. GEORGE SHOEMATE, b. 18 Oct 1907; d. 05 Jul 1966.


A Report of A Larance Shoemake who died in Mo., in 1914. His father, John Shoemake was from Tennessee. Larance Shoemake's parents were: John B. Shoemake and Rowena Colley (making Larance Shoemake a grandson of Fletcher Shoemake of Marion Co.,Tennessee)

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