Morris K. Shoemake

Information pertaining to Morris Kane Shoemake and his wife Louranie M. Sampley
And, Pearl Shoemate McCamey (Granddaughter of Morris K. Shoemake)


As time moves along, I am being able to pick up bits and pieces of information regarding the Shoemakes who
migrated from South Carolina to Tennessee. Morris Kane Shoemake, son of John Fletcher Shoemake, who was
living in Victoria, Tennessee, near Jasper, provides us with some insight to the Shoemakes living in Southeast
Tennessee and North East Alabama.

From all information I have been able to obtain Morris K. Married Lauraner Sample (y). The 1870 Census of
Marion County, Tennessee spelled the name Shewmake. This was an incorrect spelling. However, often the
census taker would write a name as it sounded. The word "Shew" comes from the KJ Version of the Bible and
means to "show." Therefore, when you say your name was Shoemake, the census taker would understand you
to say "Sho-make" like as "Show" and would write down the word as it was written in the Bible "Shewmake."
This was an error and nodoubt this is the way the name became to be spelled on the 1870 census. Note below:

According to Mrs. Johnnie Tate King, a discendant of the Sampleys, who lives in the Chattanooga area, (2009),
the name in its orgin was Sample, later changed to Sampley. I do not have a reason for the name change. Mrs King
Provided me with the following information:


1870 United States Federal Census about Mary Sample

Name: Mary Sample
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1798
Age in 1870: 72
Birthplace: Tennessee
Home in 1870: District 4, Marion, Tennessee
Race: White
Gender: Female
Value of real estate: View image
Post Office: Jasper
Household Members:

Name Age
Moris Shewmake 38
Louranie Shewmake 36
Siman Shewmake 13
Thomas Shewmake 10
Jackson Shewmake 6
William Shewmake 3
Mary Shewmake 2
Mary Sample (y) 72 (B. abt. 1798)

Mrs. King stated "This is actually my father's mother's side of the family. Her name was Laura Elizabeth Sampley,
daughter of Simon Peter Sampley and Margaret (last name unknown). She was the only child born to Simon and
Margaret. They were married abt 1879 . She died before July 1882, when he married Mary J. Sanders.
I feel sure Simon Peter is burried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. I have had trouble locating information on my Sample
side. Since Jackson Sample was living next door to Morris and Lourainer in the 1870n census, I lean towards him
being Mary's son. Not sure; but, still searching for the truth."

Johnnie King Tate

A Second letter:

I have never met my half-cousins on Lauraner Sampley's Shumate
side. Had never heard of them until I began my genealogy search, about 15 years ago. I never knew my grandmother, Laura Elizabeth Sampley or her father, Simon Peter. I did met her brother several times, my Uncle Tom Sampley.
My father > called him Uncle Samples. He has two sons still living, Martin Sampley and I can't remember his other sons name. Laura is burried on Mountain Creek Rd., in the Mountain Creek Baptist Church cemetery. Her husband, Lawrence
Frank King and his parents are burried in Falling Water, north of Chattanooga.

My grandmother, Laura Sampley married my grandfather, Lawrence Frank King. His family lived in Sequatchee Valley, then removed to Cleveland, Bradley County, TN. My family line on my father's King side include, Graysons, Hixsons, Hughes, Stringfield and Brazeale. Francis Hughes, one of my grandfathers, was one of the First Tennesseans. He actually lived in NC when that portion became TN. He was in the Revoluntionary War.

Another Article I Received Pertaining To The Shoemakes From Marion County, Tennessee, Descendants of Morris K. Shoemake. Hopefully Someone Will Be Able To Put The Pieces Together.

Pearl Shoemate McCamey (Granddaughter of Morris K. Shoemake).
b. 1907 Marion Co.Tn.
d. 1980 New.Mexico
William Franklin McCamey
b. 1905 Tn. d. 1989 New Mexico
A death certificate found for St. Louis, MO showed a George Jackson Shoemake who was born at Whitwell, TN on May 2, 1896 and died on January 6, 1953 was an apparent cousin to Peral. (See Death Certificate) George Jackson was the son of Thomas Shoemake, who was the son of Morris K. Shoemake. Thomas and Jackson were brothers.

Pearl's Parents:
Jackson Shoemake Son of Morris K. Shoemake (Click Here to see the children of Morris K. Shoemake)
b. 1863 Marion Co.Tn., d. 1908 Marion Co.Tn.
Tennessee Layne
b. 1875 Marion Co.Tn.
d. 1932 Marion Co.Tn.

2. Sarah Lou Sampley and Andrew Benjamin Laven
granddaughter of Mary Ann Shoemake Sampley

3. Harriet Margaret Long

Other information found among the Shoemake Family Connections include: Shoemake, Long, McFarland and others having been Cherokee blooded. The Harriet Long family migrated from S.Carolina when the Shoemakes did to Marion Co.Tn.