Morris K. Shoemake


As seen from the above, Sarah Ann Shoemake, sister to Morris K. Shoemake, who married a
Samply, is shown with her son Robert Samply.

Morris K, Shoemake had three brothers who were listed as being: James who died aby. 1902; Sampson, who died aby. 1870; and John Fketcher who died abt. 1863, according to the document Morros K. filed with the Department of Indian affairs ( click here). He also listed Sallie Shoemake Sampley, died abt. 1886; Lauranis
Shoemake Long, died abt. 1901; and Mary Shoemake Sampley, died abt. 1906.

The name Sarah is not named on the list. It is believed that Sallie was Sarah for I have found that often
the names Sallie and Sarah were interchanged just as the names of Robert and Bob were interchanged.

Grave Marker, headstone for Luraner Shuemake
Found in the Mt. Zion Cemetery near Victoria , Tennessee, the same
cemetery where Morris K. is buried.

Click here for the grave sites found in the Mt. Zion Cemmetery.

Headstone for Van Sampley, husband to Mary Shoemake Sampley,
daughter of Morris K. Shoemake found in the Mt. Zion Cemetery.