My Relationship To The Tennessee Shoemakes


My relationship to the Tennessee Shoemake, Shoemates, and etc. There were four brothers living in Chesterfield County, South Carolina, sons of Samuel Shoemake. Their names were Blackley, John, Moses and Samuel II. Blackley left SC and moved to Knoxville, TN and later on up into Indiana and Ohio. Samuel and John moved to Tennessee to Bledsoe County and on down south in the Sequatchie Valley (Marion County). Moses remained in Chesterfield County, SC. My line came from Moses. I am the fourth generation down from Moses.

John de la Chaumette, Virgiana (See Introduction and Preface ) The probable year of birth of Jean de la >>>>Chaumette was abt. 1660. It has been reported that he was a Huguenot. (Click here)

Samuel Sr. Born abt. 1710 in England Moved to Chesterfield County, South Carolina mid-1730s.
>>>>Samuel is said to be the son of Jean (John) de la Chaumette of Rochechouart, France. He was a Hugonout

Moses, B 1735 , Died prior to 1820 (Click here for historical information)

Morgan, Born 1814, Died between 1863 and 1870.

James M. Born in 1855, Died 1930

Feet Harrin, Born 1884, Died 1969

Harring Dean, Born 1938,

Of those who moved to Tennessee, Samuel and John would have been my Great, Great, Great Uncles. I believe I would be about a fourth cousin to to the children of Samuel and John. Can anyone help me from here?