Shuemakes And Indian Connections

Newton Evanns

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Newton Evans states on his mothers side is a Cherokee Indian named Annie Shoemake and her husbands name was John Shoemake and that they lived in Jackson, Alabama. Below is an application filed by Newton Evans showing his Indian descent. He was living in Jackson County, Alabama.



John Shoemake, Born about 1740 and died about 1784. John married Elizabeth and after John's death she married a Jesse Minton. The couple had one son and maybe more, but we are sure of one. It is accepted that this son was John Jr., who moved to Jackson County, Alabama and was living there in 1830. (a) John Shoemake Jr. [II], Born about 1766 and Died about 1854, is reported to have married an Ann Thorn (Some have reported the name being Bone)

There was a pitition made for land owed to the Indians. John had applied for 680 acres in Jackson County, Alabama and it was called a reservation, simply meaning a farm. Click here for additional information, Also Click here for more information.

(1) John A. "Ball Jack" Shoemake, Born in S.C. about 1803, and died in Jackson County, Alabama about 1850. His wife was Elizabeth , born in 1808, and died after 1854. (Where the name "Ball Jack" came from, I do not know).
They had the following children. .
(a) William H. (?)
(b) James Preston
(c) John Wesley
(d) Elizabeth Ann

Land records show an Eli B., a James P. and a John W. Shoemake living in Jackson County in 1850. At the time, I can not reconcile these children with information obtained from other sourses. Nevertheless, I have inserted this finding with hope that I can at a
later date. It is reported that some of the sons of John A. moved to Mo.