Other Shoemake, Shoemate, Shumate Sites


This page has been designed to list other sites and links to other Shoemake, Shoemate, Shumate websites whereby the researcher may follow a different branch of the decendants of John de la Chaumette.

1. For the Shoemakes who came out of the Georgetoen District of South Carolina, and Marion County, SC click on www.shoemakefamily.com

If you have a site that connects to any of the branches of the shoemake family, descendants of John de la Chaumette, please email me and I will post it. email: harring@centurytel.net

2. Richard E. Gates research of the Shoemakes from the Georgetoen District of SC: http://www.familyorigins.com/users/g/a/t/Richard-E-Gates/FAMO1-0001/fowndx.htm#SHOEMAKE


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