The Shoemakes on Walden's Ridge
I personally took this picture of the Pikeville area as I came down from
Walden's Ridge on Highway 30 that goes from Pikeville to Dayton.

The Shoemakes on Walden's Ridge

>>>>>On February 11, 1828, a Robert Shoemake bought sixty-four acres of land from Thomas Riddle ( D 327). On November 13, 1832, he purchased 400 acres of land from John Bridgman, Book F, page 145. Both parcels were in Bledsoe County. I have copies of the deeds in hand. (Ref. Bledsoe County Records)

Notes of Interest:

>>>>>Thomas Riddle was one of the co-signers along with John Shoemake on a petition for the building of a Griss Mill in 1807 by George Skillern in the Sequachie Valley, where the old Kiuka or Lower Trace crosses the mountain from Tennessee Valley. It is believed that this stream of water runs down the mountain on the west side towards Pikeville.. This leads me to believe that both of these men were in the same area. Now note below. (Ref. Bledsoe County Records) Riddle lived in the same area as Robert Shoemake in 1830.

Deed Recorded in Bledsoe County Tennessee:

>>>>>Deed of Bill A Sale to Robert Shoemake, from John Bridgman, on the 13th day of November, 1832. Robert Shoemate bought 400 Acres of land, out of a 5,000 Acre Tract. He paid the sum of $700.(Bk., F, Page 145)

>>>>>In 1805, John Shoemake purchased 50 acres of land from Thomas Holaway which was situated on Walton's Ridge in Bledsoe County. The property was conveyed on the 23rd day of September, 1805. However, the deed was not recorded until the 11th day of January, 1828. I have a copy of the deed in hand. Why the delay in recording the deed I do not know. This deed tells me that John Shoemake was in Bledsoe County, Tennessee by 1805. (I had previously stated the transaction had occured on September 28, 1825, D. 224) However, after obtaining a copy of the hand written document, a correction was made. (Ref. Bledsoe County Records)

>>>>>In 1814 appears the name of John Shoemake on a court document. Apparently he had died and the administrator of his estate is John Thomas. This would have been abt. 1814 during the Spring term of court (March). This was in Bledsoe County, TN. (Ref. Bledsoe County Records)

>>>>>There is another document regarding a David Shoemake that was made in September 1814 and the page is Number 50. He appeared as a witness in a court case. The page number on which John's name appears is 42. If this tells us anything, John's death was prior to David's case in court. This was in Bledsoe County, TN. (Ref. Bledsoe County Records) The records show a David Shoemate appearing on Court Documents of Bledsoe County Tennessee in 1814. See court documents.

>>>>>The following was posted on the Internet, Shoemate Family Genealogy Forum by:: Karen Spengel on April 20, 2004. The information is not documented. The information shows a David Shoemake with his children being born in Tennessee. That means he was in Tennessee at the time of their birth. It also shows that one child, Richard Stanford Shoemate, b. March 8, 1828, was born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. Better still, it shows that Stephen Shoemate, another son of David was born in Tennessee between 1800 and 1810.

>>>>>Stephen Shoemake, b. Bet. 1800 - 1810, Tennessee; d. Bet. 1844 - 1846, Crawford County, Missouri. (Ref. See court documents of Bledsoe County).

>>>>>It is believed by some that David Shoemake was a son of Samuel Shoemake for he leaves the Bledsoe area following the death of Samuel that occurred shortly after 1830.

>>>>>Deed No.# 4338 John Shoemate to John Bridgman December 19, 1836
John Shoemate is actually letting John Bridgman buy 2 parcels of land which is a 200 acre tract, and a 100 acre tract, and John Bridgmen is paying $500 cash in hand.

>>>>>One parcel of land being 200 acres was originally given to John Shoemake (Shoemate) in a "Land Grant" from the State of Tennessee on May 16, 1833. The other parcel of land containing 100 acres was originally given to John Shoemake in a "Land Grant" from the State of Tennessee on January 28, 1831. (Ref. Archives of Tennessee)

>>>>>Note: Robert Shoemake bought 400 acres from John Bridgman on November 13, 1832. Now in the case of John Shoemate, Bridgman is buying a total of 300 acres. (Ref. Bledsoe County Records)

>>>>>On June 18, 1839, Robert Shoemake deeded to Eli Thurman, of Bledsoe County, 300 acres of land for the sum of $1,000. The deed states that Robert was living in Dekalb County, Alabama at the time the deed was made.( Ref. Deed of Conveyance, P-246 ).

>>>>>William Shoemake sold to Thomas Hail, 40 acres on March 17, 1856, Bledsoe County, Tennessee, Book M, page 282. (This would have been a brother to John Fletcher)

>>>>>William Shoemake sold to W.T. Murry 100 acres in 1887, Book S, page 425, 427.

>>>>>From documents signed by Morris K. Shoemake, an application to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C. on March 16, 1907. he stated that his grandfather was John Shoemake, and his father was John Fletcher. (see application)

>>>>>The document also shows that his father's brothers were: James, William, and Robert. Two sisters were listed. They were Sarah and Dicy. This tells me that the John herein mentioned above had the following sons: John Fletcher, James, William, and Robert. It is my opinion that the John who signed the petition in 1807 and bought land in 1805 is the father of James, William and Robert. John, William and Robert are shown in Bledsoe County as listed above. (Ref. National Archives)

>>>>>It is my belief that John Fletcher Shoemake sold land in Bledsoe County. (Deed No.# 4338 John Shoemate to John Bridgman December 19, 1836. John Shoemate is actually letting John Bridgman buy 2 parcels of land which is a 200 acre tract, and a 100 acre tract, and John Bridgmen is paying $500 cash in hand. (Ref. Bledsoe County Records)

>>>>>We now have each of John Shoemake's three sons in Bledsoe County. If I were to guess the land in question was situated on Walden's Mountain.

>>>>>Catherine Shoemake, b. 8 September 1807, who married Zemeriah Card, b. 10 October 1804; the couple owned 5,000 acres of land on top of Walden's Mountain east of Pikeville, just off Highway 30, between Pikeville and Dayton, TN. After her husband died, she is shown with 5,000 acres. Remember Catherine was the daughter of Elizabeth (Betsy) Thomas who was the wife of John Shoemake who died about 1814.

Property previously owned by Zemeriah and Catherine Card

>>>>>In a court document, dated March 13, 1849, regarding John Thomas' will, a second Catherine, mother of Elizabeth who married John Shoemake, is shown to be his widow.This could be the reason why Elizabeth named her daughter Catherine, she named her after her mother. There was a disagreement over a will that Catherine had made preceding her death that involved John's four daughters, Lydia Gore, Clara Lewis, Elizabeth Shoemake, and Margaret Hood (?). It appeared that Catherine was not following the will made by John Thomas, her husband and the daughters were contesting Catherine's will. Apparently in John's will Catherine was to have the property until her death and then it was to be equally divided among the four daughters. However, Catherine had willed it all to Lydia. Catherine's will was contested and the other daughters were asking that her will be set aside and that the property be divided as set forth in the will of John Thomas. (Ref. Court proceedings of Bledsoe County)

>>>>>Catherine's father and mother were believed to be John Shoemake and Elizabeth (Betsy) Thomas.

>>>>>In a record found in a Bible owned by John Thomas, he recorded his tour of duty as a member of the Militia during his 17th, 18th, and 19th year of his age. He stated that he was born in Frederick County, VA., on November 25, 1760. On September 4, 1843, Catherine declares she married John Thomas in March of 1780 and her husband died on January 25, 1843. The marriage was witnessed by Elisha Kirklen and William Brown.

On September 14, 1843 John Thomas (Jr. ?) is clerk and Bird Thomas affirms authenticity of family record and birth of John Thomas His record:
>>>>>1. Ellis Thomas was born September 27, 1786
>>>>>2. Abraham was born 1789
>>>>>3. Elizabeth, December 20, 1791
>>>>>4. Margaret, February, 179 ?
>>>>>5. Andrew, Auguat 25, ????
>>>>>6. Lydia, July 25, ????
>>>>>7. Bird, January 19, 1800
>>>>>8. Charley, December, ????
>>>>>9. Catherine Shoemake was born September 8, 1807. *
>>>>>10. Isaac Gore Shoemake was born Tuesday, January 10, 1813. *

* It is believed that Catherine and Isaac Gore Shoemake were the children of Elizabeth Thomas Shoemake, who was the widow of John Shoemake who died in, or about, 1814 and that they were living with their grandfather John Thomas. If the above record is acurrant, Elizabeth was about 16 years of age when her Catherine was born.
* In order to keep things in order, one must remember that Elizabeth Thomas Shoemake had the following children: Catherine Shoemake and Isaac Gore Shoemake. Catherine Shoemake, daughter of Elizabeth, married Zemeriah Card. Card's name was listed on the Federal Census as "Zimri" which was a shortened form of the name Zemeriah..

>>>>>John Thomas served 3 tours of duty, 3 months each and was pensioned on June 7, 1833 to commence March 4, 1831. Certificate #15,700.

>>>>>On June 3, 1844, Catherine Shoemake Card repeats her declaration; certified by Isaac Stephens, J.P. She was pensioned at $30.00 on March 9, 1844, certificate No. was 8, 173.

>>>>>Zemeriah Card and Catherine Shoemake had the following children in 1850 according to the Federal Census:
>>>>>Zemeriah Card was listed as being 45 years of age.
>>>>>Catherine was listed as being 39 years of age,
>>>>>Abraham B. (male) 15
>>>>>Joseph, (male) 14
>>>>>Andrew (male) 13
>>>>>Mary A. (female) 9
>>>>>Catherine, (female) 6
>>>>>Adalade E. (female) 4
>>>>>Deby (female) 4

>>>>>Elizabeth Shoemake, ( has been referred to as Betsy) a daughter of John Thomas, married a John Shoemake who died around 1813.. The couple had two children who were Catherine Shoemake and Isaac Gore Shoemake. Catherine married Zemeriah Card. This being the case, their father would have been John. (Not John Fletcher, but the John who signed the petition in 1807 and bought land from Thomas Holaway).

>>>>>It is further believed by some that this same John Shoemake who was the husband of Elizabeth, died around the year of 1814. (Ref. This information is gleaned from published material: court documents, and from the descendants of Zemeriah Card).

>>>>>A story told me by Mr. Rothwell who lives on top of Walden's Mountain on the same land owned by Zemeriah and Catherine Card was about Zemeriah. He said that Zermerich was a recruiter for the Union Army during the Civil War between the states. He would recruit young men for the Northern Army and housed them in a large cave situated up on the mountain until he could smuggle them behind enemy lines to some northern state.

>>>>>In 1828, Elizabeth Shoemake is shown owning 5,000 acres of land near the Hamilton County Line. Mr.Robert Rothwell whom I visited on June 22, 2006, stated that Zemeriah Card acquired the land through a land grant and homesteaded it. (Ref. First Families of Marion County, Tennessee., 1809-1836 + 1840 Census, page 232 and 245 D.)

>>>>>In the 1837 tax list, one will find Zimeriah Card, Isaac Shoemate, John Shoemate, Eli Thurman, John Thomas. They are all in district 6. That is the district where the town of Pikeville is. That would be where highway 30 and the Kiuka trace go into the Sequatchie valley. The Indians came across the Kiuka trace coming from the Tennessee River and going intothe Sequatchie Valley.

Interesting Note:
The State of Tennessee Vs. Isaac Shoemake (Isaac Gore Shoemake)
Circuit Court Book-Bledsoe County, Tennessee

>>>>>"The Grand Jurors impamented sworn and charged of the county of Bledsoe County, Tennessee returned to court file of indictment against Isaac Shoemake for assault and battery and intent to rape a said Charity M. Mathis of Bledsoe County, Tennessee. (Charity was the daughter of James Mathis.

>>>>>Isaac Shoemake was hauled off to the county jail and locked up and the sheriff named Graven Sherrill was charged of taking Isaac Shoemake to jail. Isaac was jailed….but within a matter of a few hours the sheriff Graven Sherrill "Did let Isaac go free." Then the State went after Sheriff Graven Sherrill. He was removed from his job. He was hauled into court on some serious charges for a sheriff man."

Bledsoe County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minute Book 1834-1841
The State Vs. Isaac Shoemake
>>>>>"Came the attorney general who prosecutes for the State, thereupon Charity M. Mathas into open court and acknowledged herself indebted to the State of Tennessee the sum o five hundred dollars to be levied of her goods and chattles and tenements (P-492) but to be void on condition that she make her personal appearance at the next term of the circuit court to be held for the County of Bledsoe at the Court house in Pikeville on the second Monday in July, next on Wednesday of said term to prosecute and give evidence against the defendant and not depart from the court without leave."

>>>>>My visit in the home of Robert and Barbara Rothwell who live on top of Walden's Mountain was a very pleasant visit. Robert took the time to show me the property that was owned by Zeremiah and Catherine Card. I must say it was a beautiful piece of real estate.