Shoemakes in East Tennessee 1800-1820

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Appearing in Knox County Tennessee are the following: (Land and Official Records) In 1799 Blackley, William, and Robert Shoemake signed a petition of residents of Knox, Tennessee.

Blackley Shoemake
The 1790 census of South Carolina show Blackley as having 1 son under 16 and 2 were listed as being 16 and upwards, this included heads of the household. Therefore he would have had 2 sons: 1 son under 16 and one over 16. Mrs. Jeane Walters Strong in her book"Our Shoemake Roots" which has been well documeted, she being a descendant of Blackley, does not list Blackley having sons by the name of William or Robert. Therefore, I must conclude that William and Robert must be sons of Samuel or John. I reason that they were related to Blackley because they are found living close together.

1801 James Shoemaker married Sary Street.

In 1801 in the Roane County, appears the name of William Shoemake. He and a James Shoemaker were among the petition signers to create Roane County out of Knox County. Again William Shoemake is listed in the tax records of Roane County in 1802 along with an Evan Shoemaker. Again, I reason that James and Robert are related. The difference in the spelling of their last name was common.

In 1805 William and James were in the tax lists
On August 17, 1814 William Shoemaker and Benjamin Poore were sworn chain carriers in a survey of 2 acres of mand for Moses Shoemaker, this is now Morgan County

1804 There was a Thomas Shoemaker. (This could be the Thomas that appears in Bledsoe County and is listed on the Census in 1830).

1805 Blackley and David signed a petition in Anderson County, Tennessee. Again I reason that Blackley and David were related.
Blackley in 1790
1 male under 16
2 males 16 amd upward including heads of families
5 females
This gives Blackley 2 sons

1807 A John Shoemak signed a petition for the construction of a grist mill on
June 8, 1808 in Roane County, Tennessee.

1814 A Moses Shoemaker received 2 acres in Roane County (Bledsoe County was made up from Roane County.

Moses Shoemake Other records show a Moses Shoemake married a Martha Williams in Roane Co.Tn.
She was born Campbell Co, Tn. This Moses was born. Apr. 27 1795 Pulaski, Giles Co.Twnnessee
died 22 Sept. 1876 Silas, Choctaw Co., Alabama. Moses and Martha married 28 Dec. 1814 Roane Co.Tn.

1814 (May 2) John and Moses Shoemake were assigned 50 acres (25 each) of land by William Shoemaker. Here again I reason that these three men were related. Otherwise it would be a strange set of circumstances that these three men would have the same name doing business together. Of the vast wilderness that must have been in the area in which they lived in Tennessee, how would these three men meet up together if they had not known one another prior to coming to Tennessee..

At this point, I reason that this John was the John that was living in SC in 1800, the father of John Fletcher who was born in 1795. John F., would have been 19 in 1814.

In 1800 this John had the following in his household:
3 males under 10
1 male 10-15
1 male 26-44 (apparently himself)

In 1830, Bledsoe County, TN you have a Samuel Shoemake
1 male over 90 (Self)
2 females

In 1830 you have a Hannah, born abt. 1791. She has
1 male 5-10
1 male 10-15
In 1840 you have living in Bledsoe County TN, a John Shoemake He has
1 male under 10
3 males 10-24
1 male 40-50 (himself) John Fletcher was born in 1795.

In 1840, Bledsoe County you have a James Shoemake (Free Colored Person)
3 males under 10
1 male 36-55 (Self)
2 Females 36-55
1 Female 55-90

In 1840 You have a Sarah Shoemake (Free Colored Person)
1 male under 10
1 Female 10-24
2 Females 36-55
1 Female 55-90

In 1840, Bledsoe County, you have William Shoemake (Free Colored Person)
1 Female 30-40
1 FCP Male 24-36

James Sarah and William all living side by side.(all Free Colored Persons=Mulatto)

Notes: Living two doors prior to James, Sarah, and William was a William A. Thurman. Living 18 doors down from them lived a James A. Thurman.

While I have no proof of the following information,
I am inserting it on this page with the hope that someone may glean from it, or either provide further information that will help identify the persons named herein:

According to Mark Kirklen, who lives north of Atlanta, GA, there was a William Shoemake who married a _________Blakeney. They had the following children:
1) William JR b 1764
2) Julia b 1765 married BENJ THURMAN
7) RACHEL m GEORGE KIRKLAND (1765-1833) born NC lived on LYNCHES CREEK

In essence, here is the way this pans out:
Daniel Shumate is son of Jean de la Chaumette.of Virginia
Daniel is father of William Shumate,
William Shumate is the father of "Julia Shumate who married Benj. Thurman"
William Shumate is the father of "Rachel Shumate who married George Kirkland"

It is reported that Philip Thurman married George Kirklands sister, Kesiah. In the 1790 census of Chesterfield County, SC George Kirkland lived about 8 dwellings down from Philip Thurman. Thurman's nextdoor neighbor wa a "Samuel or Sampson Shoemake."

The Kirklands were living on Lynch River, in the 1770's, and the White Oak Creek in Chesterfield County, SC. Philip's brother, Benj. Thurman also married a "Julia" Shoemake, whose parents were William Shoemake and wife ____?____Blakeney. The Blakeleys lived in the same area of Chesterfield County

Philip Thurman

Was born November 15, 1757 in Anson County, North Carolina, near the Big Pee Dee River. He enlisted for service in the Revolutionary War in 1775 and fought with troops from Cheraw district, South Carolina, under Capt. Daniel Sunday, Capt. Benjamin Odum, and Col. George Hicks. He states in his pension application that he removed from his home in Cheraw to the Edisto River in 1780, and while residing there enlisted and was at the siege of Augusta. After being discharged in the fall of 1781, he returned to his old home in Cheraw district where he re-enlisted and served until discharged November 15, 1782. He married July 10, 1783 Kesiah ---- in Anson County, NC.

In 1801, Philip Thurman with his family migrated to Smith County, Tennessee where he remained a year, or two. He then removed to Anderson County, and then 1806 removed i nto the new territory acquired from the Cherokees which in 1807 was formed into Bledsoe County. He remained there until his death September 2, 1840. Kesiah died May or June 18845.

They were the parents of eleven children, eight of of whom were born in South Carolina, two in Anderson County, and one in Bledsoe County. Their children were:
Eli, 1784-1842
James, 1786-1818
Laster and Phoebe (twins), 1788
Sarah, 1790-1862
Mary, 1792-1849
Ephraim, 1797-1862
Stephen, 1799-
Elijah and Susannah (twins) were born in Anderson County, Feb 17, 1805. (Elijah died Hamilton County, 1873), Elijah married Minerva Rice, and Susannah married Rev. John Bradfield. John, was born in Bledsoe County in 1808.

Several members of this family have joined the DAR through this line.

Morris K. Shoemake, 1912, reported that his grandfather, John Shoemake, had the following children:
John Fletcher, dead
James "Dead"
William "Dead -. 1890"
Robert "Dead"
Sarah "Dead"
Dicie "Dead"

A John Shoemake bought land on Walton's Ridge in 1825 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. This could have been John Fletcher, but there is no evidence in my hand at this time.

David Shoemake: A research of the Federal Census and Offical Documents of Tennessee, finds David Shoemake is living in Knox County, Tennessee in 1805, and according to land records he is living in Bledsoe County, Tennessee in 1813. David also appeared as a witness in a court case in Bledsoe County in 1814. Click Here

In 1840 you have the sons of this John, James, William, You do not have Robert on the census list, but you do have him in 1828 buying property in Bledsoe County: On February 11, 1828, a Robert Shoemake bought sixty-four acres of land from Thomas Riddle ( D 327) We now have all four of John's sons. If the William who married Hannah died as was reported in 1832, then the William listed here is a nephew to James and John.

Now the father of these four men, John Shoemake, age 84 in 1850, was living in Jackson County Alabama.

The next question is who and where are the sons of Samuel Shoemake? I believe that the David Shoemake who appeared in Knox County would be one of these sons.

The following is just for comparison
John Shoemake 1800 SC
3 males under 10 (being born between 1790 and 1800)
1 male 10-16 (being born between 1794 and 1800)
1 male 26-44 ( being born between 1756 and 1774)
2 females under 10
2 females 10-15
1 female 26-44

John Shomake in SC in 1810
1 male 45 and over
1 female under 10
1 female 10-15
2 females 16-25
1 female 20-45

John Shoemake of Overton County, Tennessee
Born in South Carolina

The Federal Census show the following regarding John Shoemake, age 55 in 1850, who was born in South Carlonia.

Overton County, Tennessee, Federal Census 1850

1. John Shoemake, 55, B. SC, Born in 1795
>>>>Jackson Shoemake, son, age 25, Born in Tennessee, 1875
>>>>John Shoemake, son, age 6 months, Born in Tennessee

Overton County, Tennessee, Federal Census 1860

2. Jackson Shoemake, age 34, Born in Tennessee

Overton County, Tennessee, Federal Census 1870

3. A. J. (Jackson) Shoemake, age 44, Born in Tennessee (Son of John Shoemake, age 55 in 1850, born in SC)
>>>>" Nancy, wife, age 36
>>>>" George W., son, age 15
>>>>" John, son, age 11
>>>>" Joshua, son, age 10
>>>>" Spenser, son, age 8
>>>>" Lucretia, daughter, age 5
>>>>" Martha, daughter, age 3

Overton County, Tennessee, Federal Census 1880

4. A.J. (Jackson) Shoemake, age 53
>>>>" D. A. Shoemake, wife, age 37
>>>>" Willie J. son, age 19
>>>>" Isaac, son, age 16
>>>>" K. L. , daughter, age 15
>>>>" Martha, daughter, age 13
>>>>" Sarah, daughter, age 8
>>>>" Julie, daughter, age 8
>>>>" Mary, daughter, age 6
>>>>" A. J., Son, age 4
>>>>" Henry, son, age 2
>>>>" H. B. (Hilary) son, age 2 months.

Overton County, Tennessee, Federal Census 1910

5. Hilary B. Shoemake, age 29, listed as H. B., in 1880 Census, He is the son of A.J., (Jackson) who was the son of John Shoemake from SC in 1850,
>>>>" Millie J., wife, age 29
>>>>" Rettie J., daughter, age 12

Overton County, Tennessee, Feberal Census 1910

6. George Shoemake, age 63, son of A.J. Shoemake, who was the son of John Shoemake, age 55 in 1850, born in SC.
>>>>" Mahaley, wife age 45
>>>>" Harrison, son, age 21
>>>>" George W., son, age 18
>>>>" McKinley, age 12
>>>>" Bessie, daughter, age 10

7. William J. Shoemake, age 48, son of A.J. (Jackson) Shoemake, who was the son of John Shoemake, age 55 in 1850, born in SC.
>>>>" Martha, wife, age 32
>>>>" Christian, son, age 11
>>>>" Roxey D., daughter, age 9
>>>>" Arthur, son, age 8
>>>>" Austin E., son, age 5
>>>>" Ruby R., daughter, age 3
>>>>" Nancy B., daughter, age 1 month. (?)

Overton County, Tennessee, District 11, page 8, Federal Census 1930

8. McKinley Shoemake, age 32, born in 1898, son of George Shoemake, the son of A.J. Shoemake, the son of John Shoemake, Born in 1795, SC.
>>>>" Edna, wife, age 32, born in 1898
>>>>" Edward, son, age 10, born in 1920

The above record shows the descendants of John Shoemake, born in South Carolina in 1795 and living in Overton County, Tennessee in 1850.