Tennessee Records of Shoemakes

Bledsoe County, Tennessee, Humble Cemetery 1980

Let me begin by taking a look at the Humble Cemetery in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.

The following graves were found in the Humble Cementary: in 1980

1. George Shoemate, B. Oct. 18, 1907, D. July 5, 1965;
Ida M. (wife) B. December 30, 1910 .

2. James B. Shoemate, B. 1884, D. 1957
Mamie B. (wife), B. 1886, D. 1960

3. J. B. Shoemate, B. April 10, 1888, D. 1927

4. Jesse L. Shoemate, B. August 22, 1887, D. December 11, 1947

5. Ruffurs Byron Shoemate, B. June 17, 1913, D. March 6, 1977
Eunice Douglas (wife) B. September 24, 1912 D.

6. John W. Shoemate, B. 1878, D. 1957. (Believed to be John Wesley)

7. Thomas J. Shoemate, B. October 23, 1898, D. July 31, 1966

8. Charles W. Shoemate, B. October 31, 1901, D. April 17, 1945

9. L. M. Shoemate, B. 1887, D. 1939
Sarah E. (wife) B. 1869, D. 1892
----- A. Luther B. (son) B. 1883, D. 1883 (16 days old)
----- B. Charlie R., B. 1882, D. 1882 (2 months old) Annis or Avis ( 2nd wife)

11. Hannar (Hannah) Shoemate, B. 1791, D. March 17, 1882 It is reported that Hannah was the wife of William Shoemake. (At one point I summized that Hannah could have been the wife of Thomas Shomak living in Bledsoe County in 1830). It is noted that she had a son by the name of Thomas S.. It is possible that the S. stands for "Samuel".

Mr. Shuemake: I am a descendant of Susan Shoemake McGarr, whose mother was named Hannah, and who lived in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, through much of the nineteenth century. I believe Susan's mother was the same Hannah Shoemake you discuss at your website. Susan Shoemake was born in late June or early July (it seems) of 1823. In the 1860 and 1870 census records for Bledsoe County, she appears next to or one dwelling removed from J.S. Shumake and his family (dwellings 14 and 13 respectively in the 7th civil district on the 1870 census). It may be that J.S. and Susan were brother and sister. Perhaps this small piece of information will help identify Hannah Shoemake's husband. Your Shuemake Journal website is very helpful and well-crafted. My thanks for all the effort that's gone into building it. R. Grant Jones: rgjones3@earthlink.net . Anyone having more information email to harring@centurytel.net
To read additional letters, CLICK HERE

12. Thomas S. Shoemate, B. September 18, 1832 (Son of Hannah) Rachel (wife) B. 1832, D. May 28, 1882

13. Matilda Shoemate, B. April 4, 1861, D. April 13, 1899 (Second wife of L. M. Shoemate)

14. J. W. Shoemate ( Believed to be John W. father of Annice Shoemate who died in 1988)
B. May 7, 1850, D. April 10, 1916.

15. Annis Shoemate, B. 1822, D. April 24, 1870 (The name Avis appears on the 1850 census of Bledsoe County, the grandmother of Annice Shoemate who died in 1988, She was wife of James and mother of J. W. Shoemake)

16. Rhoda J. Shoemate, B. January 1, 1856, D. February 1, 1883

Note: L. M. Shoemate donated land for the Humble Cemetery Click Here to see the record.

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Victoria, Tennessee

1. Morris K. Shoemake, B. December 24, 1832, D. between 1912 and 1914 (Son of John Fletcher)
2. Lauraner, (wife) B 7/12/1833, D. 12/19/1886
*****This information provided by Beverly Navarrett, who visited the cementary in 1979. Some of the Children of Morris K. Shoemake are also buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery.

Children of Morris K. Shoemake. (Son of John Fletcher Shoemake)
-----1. Simon, B. 1857
-----2. Thomas Jefferson, B 1861, D. 1927. *
-----3. Jackson, B. 1863, D. 1908
-----4. William (Fletcher) B. 1867, D. ? (Beverly Navarrett, a decendant of William)
-----5. Mary E., B. 1869, D. 1899
-----6. James, B. 1872, D. 1898
-----7. Sarah Alace, B. 1874, D. 1905
-----8. Margaret, B. 1875, D. ?

Documents of Morris K. Shoemake

*Thomas Jefferson Shoemake, B. 1861, in Tennessee, son of Morris K. Shoemake, married to Laura Brewer. They had the following children.
-----1. William Morris
-----2. John Glaze
-----3. Alexander
-----4. Thomas 5
-----5. Laura
-----6. George
-----7. James McKinley *
-----8. Richard Arthur (Living in Jackson County, Alabama in 1980).
-----9. Horace Alton
-----10. Gilbert Houston; father of Mrs. Morgan
-----11. Barney Oscar
-----12. Charley

*James McKinley Shoemake, son of Thomas Jefferson was born. October 7, 1888, married Johnnie Beatrice Smith. She was born on August 14, 1908. He died and was burried in Jackson County, Alabama. Their children were:
-----(a) Lois Ruby Lee, (Pruit) B. October 19, 1924
-----(b) Frances Isabelle, B. February 27, 1926
-----(c) Doyal Edward, B. November 9, 1930
-----** All these children were born in Jackson County, Alabama
-----*** Lois Ruby Lee (Pruit) lives on Mount Eagle, near Jasper, TN). Mrs. Pruit provided the above information. (1980)

The Purchase of Land In Tennessee

Please Note The Following: During my research in 1980, I visited the Chattanooga Library. Here I found many records which included tax rolls, voting records and census records of Bledsoe and Marion Counties. Here is what I found:

1. In 1825, a John Shoemake purchased 50 acres of land from Throas Holoway which was situated on Walton's Ridge in Bledsoe County (September 28, 1825, D. 224)

(a) John Fletcher, B. 1795. It is believed that this John was John Fletcher who was born in SC. (In 1850, he is shown with his family living in Marion County near Jasper, TN. This is just to the south of Bledsoe County).

(b) His wife's name was Mary. She was a Mulatto, who was also named Shoemake. I have reasoned that Mary was a cousin, even though Morris K., stated they were no kin. She could have been a daughter of Samuel, Blackley or Thomas.

2. Three years later, on February 11, 1828, a Robert Shoemake bought sixty-four acres of land from Thomas Riddle ( D 327). On November 13, 1832, he purchased 400 acres of land from John Bridgman. Both parcels were in Bledsoe County. It is believed that this Robert could of been a son of John Jr. who came from Chesterfield County, S.C. and was in Roane County Tennessee in 1807.

3. In 1850 there was a Robert Shoemake in Autauga County, Alabama. It is believed that the Robert who purchased land in Bledsoe is the same one who appears in Autauga County, AL. (See the children of John Jr., below:)

4. Morris K. Shoemake filed an application with the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C. March 16, 1907 for funds due the Eastern Cherokees. On the application he listed his brothers, his father, father's brothers and his grandfather. I have a copy of this document in hand. See application and other documents.

On June 3, 1912, Morris K. Shoemake made a Declaration For Pension for services rendered to the military. The document states that he enrolled as a private in the service of the United States (Federal) on the October 11, 1864 and was honorably discharged on June 30, 1865. (Apparently this was for the northern states).

The document stated that he was five feet and ten inches tall, complexion dark; color of eyes were dark and he had dark hair. He was listed as a farmer and his birth date was December 24, 1832. He lived in Bledsoe County up until his 13th birthday, and in Marion County, Tennessee for the remaining part of his life. He signed the document by is mark "X". (The physical discription of Morris K., indicates a strong possibility that he was of Indian descent.

5. John Shoemake (.Grandfather, according to Morris K.) was born in SC., about 1766. Morris K. listed the following as the children of John, Jr.:
-----(a) John Fletcher, B. 1795, born in S.C.
-----(b) James, B. 1820
-----(c) William, B. 1805
-----(d) Robert, B. 1805 - 1810
-----(e) Sarah, B. 1810,
-----(f) Dicy, B. 1796

*The following persons were living in Bledsoe County, TN when the 1850 census were taken: (Taken from the 1850 Census Index)

(a) James Shoemake, page 374. This could be the James born in 1820, the father of John W. Shoemate.
(b) Hannah Shoemake, page 374, (B. 1791).It is possible that Hannah was the wife of Thomas Shoemake who has now died.. It is note worthy that her oldest son was named Thomas.
(c) Scitty Shoemake, (a female) page 374 (See section on Hannah Shumate)
(d) Dicy Shoemake, page 360, daughter of John Jr. (B. 1796)
(e) Bartemius Shoemake, page 377
(f) William Shoemake. page 375, son of John Jr. (B. 1805)

* James, Hannah, and Scitty were living next to one another. William being on the following page of the cenesus roll, indicates he too was in the same neighborhood. as well as Bartemius. *Dicy on page 360 was several houses down from the others.

John Fletcher's Children.: (1850 Census)
(a) James A. age 24, born about 1826.
(b) Sarah, age 24, born about 1826
(c) Sampson, age 23, born about 1827.
(d) John, age 22, born about 1828. (Morris K., listed this John as John Fletcher on an application filed with the U.S. Department of Indian Affairs).
(f) Lorena, age 18, born about 1832.
(g) Morris Kane, age 17, born about 1833.
(h) Mary, age 15, born about 1835.

Below Is A Map of Bledsoe County Tennessee

Jackson County Alabama

In 1980 I personally visited some of the descendants of the Jackson County Shoemakes: they were:

Mrs. Ruby Shoemake Pruit, Star Route, Sequatchie, Tennessee, her home was situated on Mount Eagle. Her father's name was James McKinley Shoemake, son of Morris K. Shoemake. Her grandfather's name was John Fletcher Shoemake. She explained that she had relatives living in Jackson County, AL.

I spoke with Richard Arthur Shoemake who was living in Jackson County following my visit with Mrs. Pruit (1980) and he told me that his father's name was Thomas Jefferson Shoemake, born in 1861, in Tennessee. He married Laura Brewer..He too was a son of Morris K. Shoemake, thus making John Fletcher his grandfather. He would be an uncle to Ms. Pruit.

Jackson County, Alabama, Census 1830
Census: Reel M-19-1 East of 4th Range line - Page 37

John Shoemake (I believe to be John Junior, born in SC abt. 1766)
1 male 50-60 (apparently John Shoemake, Jr.)
1 female 50-60 (apparently John's wife, Ann Bone) Both were born in South Carolina.

Notation: George W. Shoemake, living in Hartsville, S.C., being 92 in 1978 had a sister named "Betsy" who married a J. W. Bone. I offer this as proof that the Bone family lived in Chesterfield County, S.C.,

It is reported that John and Annie Thorn/Bone married about 1784 at South Carolina It is said that John was born about 1766.

Notation: I have received other reports that his wife was named Thorn instead of Bone. It is reported that sometimes among the Indians, it was not uncommon to have two wives. I questioned as to why that John's children found in Jackson County, Alabama, all had English names. I was told that it was because the Indians were being forced to move to a different location or marched to Oklahoma and resettled on a reservation. Therefore, they would give them English names in an effort to hide their idenity.

Notation Number Two: I have made the following observation as of 1/2/06, John Jr., the step-father of John A., apparently had two different wives. In the 1830 census it is stated that his wife was between 50 and 60 years of age (being born abt. the same time as her husband, 1776, in SC If you add 20 years that would have elapsed between 1830 and 1850, his wife would have been between 70 and 80 years of age). The 1850 census states his wife's name was Ann, age 66. This would make her to have been born in or abt. 1784. It is now understandable how John Jr., could have had a step-son and why he would have left his other family members in Tennessee while he migrated on down into Alabama, This would also explain why it is said that the wife of 1850 was of Indian blood, not taking away the possibility that his first wife could have been of Indian descent.

John A. Shoemake- possibly their son. It is reported that some sons of John A., moved to MO. I have received reports from family members who trace their family lineage back to John A. They have stated that John A. was the son of Ann Thorn/Bone, but not the son of John Jr., her husband. If this be the case, one wonders if he was really of the Shoemake family. The 1830 census show the following living in his household
2 males under 5
1 male under 5
1 male 20-30, (John A.)
1 female under 5 5. 1 female 20-30 (Wife of John A.)

1840 Census, Reel M-704-7 - Page 41 (Jackson County, Alabama)

John Shoemake, Jr.
1 male 10-15 (Some believe this to be James Prestion Shoemake, submitted by Clyde Morrison, Metairie, LA, on July 30, 1995)
1 male 70-80, (John Shoemake,Jr., born in S.C.) In the same household were:

John A. Shoemake - son of John Jr. and Ann Thorn/Bone (Step-son to John Jr.)
1 male 5-10
1 male 10-15
1 male 15-20

1850 Census, Reel M-432-7 District 19 - Page 99 (Jackson County, Alabama)

John Shoemake, Jr., age 84, born in S.C. (1766)
Ann Shoemake (wife) age 66, born in S.C. (1784

In the same household were:
John A. Shoemake, age 47, a farmer, born in S.C. (1803)
1. Elizabeth, age 42, (wife), born in S.C. (1808)
2. Elizabeth, age 21, born in Tennessee
3. George, age 4, born in Alabama
*** Eli B., a James P. and a John W. Shoemake whose names were found on land deeds in Jackson County around 1850 are believed to be the sons of John A. It is reported that these boys moved to Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma.

**In 1836 Abijah Shoemake was living in Alabama.

The Index of the Federal Census for Alabama state the following:

1860 Alabama Census Index

1. Robert Shoemake, Autauga County, 145 Milton, AL
2. Alijah Shoemake, Bibb County, 815 Eastside, Ca. AL
3. Eliza Shoemake, Washington County, 995 No, TWS., AL
4. William Shoemake, Bibb County, 827 Eastside, Ca. AL.

1870 Alabama Census Index
1. Amanda Shuemake, Cleburne County, 353
2. Eliz Shuemake, Mobile County, 257
3. Daniel Shuemake, Henery County, 279
4. Gilmore Shuemake, Cleburne County, 361
5. Mary Shuemake, Dallas Couny, 647
6. Perry Shuemake, Montgomery, 293
7. Samuel Shuemake, Jackson County, 087
8. Thomas Shuemake, Cleburne County, 365

An Interesting Note Taken From "The Family Tree Maker CD's"

I ordered a set of CD's from the Family Tree Maker that was advertised over the
internet. These were to be used on one's computer. There were several CD's in the
kit. Different people had researched their family tree and submitted it to this
organization. How accurate this information is, I don't know. However, here are
some of my findings:
1. John Shoemake, Born about 1740 and died about 1784. John married
Elizabeth and after John's death she married a Jesse Minton. The couple had one
son and maybe more, but we are sure of one. It is accepted that this son was John Jr.,
who moved to Jackson County, Alabama and was living there in 1830.

(a) John Shoemake Jr. [II], Born about 1766 and Died about 1854, is reported to have married an Ann Thorn (Some have reported the name being Bone)
(1) John A. "Ball Jack" Shoemake, Born in S.C. about 1803, and Died in Jackson County, Alabama about 1850. His wife was Elizabeth , born in 1808, and died after 1854. (Where the name "Ball Jack" came from, I do not know).
They had the following children. .
(a) William H. (?)
(b) James Preston
(c) John Wesley
(d) Elizabeth Ann

Land records show an Eli B., a James P. and a John W. Shoemake living in Jackson
County in 1850. At the time, I can not reconcile these children with information obtained
from other sourses. Nevertheless, I have inserted this finding with hope that I can at a
later date. It is reported that some of the sons of John A. moved to Mo.

NOTATION: At this point, I would like to return to Chesterfield County, S.C.,
1800 Federal Census.

Observation 1. John Shoemake, Jr., being between 26 and 45 years of age, had the
following living in his household in 1800:
(a) 3 males under 10 years of age;
(b) 1 male between 10-16 years of age;
(c) 3 girls and his wife.

Observation 2. Moses Shoemake, being over the age of 45, living in Chesterfield
(a) In 1800, he is shown having one son being between 16-18.

Observation 3. In 1810 there is an Abijah Shoemake, being 26-45 years of age,
believed to be the male living in the hosehold of Lucy in 1790. Abijah is shown as
(a) 2 males under 10.
(b) In 1820 he has 3 males under 10, and between 10-18.
***John, Jr, is shown in 1800 to be 26-45;
In 1810 Abijah is shown being between 26 and 45. This puts about 10 years
difference in their age. In my opinion John was the son of John Sr.[ I ] who died
about 1784.

Observation 4. Abijah appears in Autauga County, Alabama, in 1836, which is
situated northwest of Montgomery.

(a) In 1840, Robert Shoemake, born in SC.,1806, was living in DeKalb County,
AL.. In 1850, a Robert was in Autauga County, AL. His wife's name was Susan C.,
age 40. She too was born in SC. Robert was listed as a miller. age 44. Their children
were: Amos B., George W., William, and Robert.

(b) In 1850, William H., age 35, born in SC.,1815, He was listed as a farmer, and was
living in Autauga County. In 1860, William H. was living in Bibb County, Alabama, situated a little further northwest of Autauga County. It is reported that his wife was of Bibb County. Her name was Eliza Camp. He is listed as a farmer, age 45, born in SC. and she is listed as being 36. Their children were:
John, 16;
James R., 14;
Sarah A., 13;
Bettie, 11; Mary, 8;
Adeline, 6;
Martha, 5; W., 4;
Marion, 2; and
Susan, 1. All children were born in Alabama.

(c) In 1860, Elijah Shoemake, age 46, born in SC.,1814, was living in Bibb County.
He was listed as being a farmer. His wife's name was Mary, age 35. Their children
were all born in SC. They were:
Eliza, 16;
Helen, 16;
W.G., 19;
Emily Jane, 14;
James, 12;
Frances (f) 10;
Noah, 7;
Mary, 5; and
Martha, 1.

(d) In 1840, John Shoemake, age 22, born in SC.,1818, was living in Bibb County
Iin 1840, age 32, and again in and in 1850 he was living in Washington County, Alabama, which is situated southwest of Montgomery and north of Mobile, Alabama.. His children were:
Martha A.,
Marie, and

There is a deed recorded in Bibb County, Alabama that states that James Moore sold a tract of land (45 acres) to a John Shoemake, 1837.

**The above information (Observation 4) taken from The Shoemake Pioneers
***Seeing that these four men are living in and around Abijah, I reason they are
the sons of Abijah. In 1810 he has 2 sons under 10, according to the census.
In 1820, the census show him as having 3 males under 10 and 1 between 10 and 18.
****The above William H., Elijah, and John, all fit into the age bracket of 3 males
under 10 in 1820. However, William H. could have been a decendant of John.
*****Robert fits the age of one of the males who was between the ages of 10-18 in 1820.
Conclusion: We now have both a John living in Jackson County, Alabama and Abijah
living in Autauga, County, Alabama.
***Clyde Morrison, 124 Orpheum Ave., Metairie, LA 70005-4540, states that James Preston was his great, grandfather. He said that he did not find either of the
John Shoemakes in the census records for Jackson County after 1850. However, Benjamin H. Shoemaker records in his book, Shoemaker Pioneers, page 390,
that the following names appear on the deeds of Jackson County, AL in 1850:
Eli B., James P
., and John W. Shoemake. These could have been the 3 sons
of John A. Shoemake. It has been reported that some of the decendants of
John A., moved to Missouri. James P., would have been the son of John A.
Shoemake. It is reported that James Preston moved to Texas and married
Sarah Louisa Tomblen on May 30, 1859. They had 11 children.

In late 1980, my wife and I traveled to Pikesville, situated in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. We visited the home of Annice Shoemate, age 83, who lived south of Pikesville. Here we learned about her father John W.Shoemate, son of James (Name was changed from Shoemake to Shoemate). She said he was born about 1841 and died about 1916. (The name is listed as J.W. Shoemate on the grave marker)

James Shoemate/ Bledsoe County, Tennessee. Annice said her grandfather's name was James. She said that he was born in South Carolina. Also she pointed out that when he left S.C., he left two brothers in that State. There was a John and a William who were believed to be Mulatoes who were in Darlington County in 1820. The two purchased land there. Could it be that the John and William found in Darlington County who purchased land are the brothers of James?

Near Annice's home, on the same highway that ran past her house, was the Humble
where many of Annice's kinfolks were burried. There were many
Shoemate names found on the grave markers. Among them were found:


Hannah Shoemate's grave was there. It shows her birth date as being born in 1791, and died on March 17, 1882.
Thomas S. Shoemate's grave also was there. He was the son of Hannah. He was born
in 1832 and died on August 25, 1914. His wife's name was Rachel. She was born in 1832, and died on May 28, 1882. Her son was named Thomas. his is speculation, but could very well be true.

John W. Shoemate, B. 1878, D. 1957. (This is John Wesley, Jr., son of J.W.)

J. W. Shoemate, son of James Shoemate, is also burried in the cementary. His grave
marker shows that he was born on May 7, 1850, and died on April 10, 1916.
Annice Shoemate said to me that John W. was her father. The age on this grave marker matches the dates Annice Shoemate gave me in 1980 for her father.

James Shoemate's wife
, grandmother of Annice Shoemate, also is burried there.
Her grave marker reads that she was born in 1822 and died on April 24, 1870.
Her name was listed as Annis. (The 1850 census lists her name as Avis).

James Shoemate
-1850 Census of Bledsoe County Tennessee (Grandfather to Annice) and brother to John Fletcher Shoemake.
James is lised as being a Mulatto, born in 1820. His wife is listed as Avis.
The census list four children with their proper ages.
1. John W. , age 4 months, Born on May 7, 1850.
2. Mary E. , age 2 years
3. Margaret L., age 4 years
4. Sarah R. , age 5 years

* John W. above was father of Annice Shoemate. John W. had a son by the name of John W. - (According to Annice Shoemate) her fatherwas Born on May 7, 1850, Died on April 10, 1916.
His children were:
(1) Thomas *
(2) William (Bill) *
(3) Joe *
(4) Annice Shoemate *
(5) Sarah Shoemate, D. 1926
(7) Mary Shoemate Ketctum
(8) Margaret A., Shoemate Reed

Annice said three brothers (her uncles) moved to Oklahoma. With them, Her Aunt Sarah H., also went to Oklahoma. It is reported that she died in a cyclone.
Why the move to Oklahoma? .

Special Notes:
Ronald Dean Shoemate is from Michigan. He is a grandson of Arminta Smith and John Wesley Shoemate!

>>>>>In a telephone conversation with Ronald Dean Shoemate, (FEb. 28, 2011) by a close friend, Ronald said, that his cousins "Thomas (Tom), William (Bill) and Joe Shoemate went thru missouri where Jerry Baxter Shoemate and his brother Charles (Charlie) went. But, Thomas,William and Joe plus a sister decided to move on and go see what Oklahoma was like to visit and to live. So, they headed on to Oklahoma from MO. My understanding was they in 1925 when that BIG of the Biggest of Cynclone's (tornados) hit thru Oklahoma, the sister got killed in it." Scroll down for more information:

The Monster Tri-State Tornado
Worse Tornado In History
Occured: March 18, 1925, Wednesday
F-5 Tonado
Winds up to 300 m.p.h.
Killed 695 people.

Special Note For Joe Shoemate: Joe Shoemate b.1870 Bledsoe Co.Tn.
He is one ot the three Shoemate brother;s who left Bledsoe Co. in late 1890's. Joe first settled and
lived in Mo. While lving there he met and married. His wife Ella, was born in Missouri. They have 4 daughters while living in Mo. children. Their first daughter Hallie was born around 1897 in Mo.

Joe Shoemate was a farmer and did general farm labor. After living in Mo., a few years, they migrated on up to Lawton,Oklahoma area. They are on the 1910 Federal Census of Oklahoma.

Documented Record About Ella, Widow of Joe Shoemate, and one about son, Jimmy Shoemate:
Lawton,Oklahoma Newpaper: The Lawton Constitution 14 Sep. 1947, Lawton,Oklahoma
"Mrs. Joe Shoemate, daughter, Mrs. Jack Clark 112 Arlington, Lawton,Oklahoma, have returned from a two mo. visit to Salem, Oregon with son, Jimmy Shoemate and family. While there they also visited friends in Seattle,Washington, Portland and other places."

The Lawton Constitution, 19 Aug. 1948. "Jimmy Shoemate and family of Portland,Oregon are
spending a week here as guest of Mr. Shoemate's mother, widow of Joe Shoemate. They will journey on to Mexico City before returning to Portland, Oregon."

Joe Shoemate and family.

>>>>>There has been speculation as to why these three brothers and sister went west to Oklahoma. At one point in time I thought it might have been because they had Indian blood and wanted to go there to live on the reservation. However, I have received some interesting information, that it might have been to homestead land:

>>>>>There is a strong indication and reasoning as to why the three Shoemate brothers left Missouri in the year they did and headed for Oklahoma. And now I do not believe it had anything to do with their blood line in Bledsoe Co.Tn.

>>>>>Joe Shoemate, wife Ella and family, along with several more Shoemates were found living around Lawton,Oklahoma or nearby. In serching historical documents (Newspapers) Here is what was found that was happening around the time they arrived in Lawton, Oklahoma. The Land Runs took place in Oklahoma from 1884 through 1895. People came out to Oklahoma from as far east as North Carolina and Tennessee and many other states. It was advertised all over east of the Mississippi; word got around and many people living in Tennessee and Missouri flooded Oklahoma!

True Historial Facts About Lawton,Oklahoma:
>>>>>Lawton,Oklahoma was founded Aug.5, 1901. It was the last area of Indian lands to be founded In Oklahoma for white settlers. Lawton,Oklahoma opened up to use the Lottery System July 10, 1901. There were 29,888 potential homesteaders who filed claims and put their names into the lottery. On August 4, 1901 the land lottery auction took place. Only 6, 500 homesteader who had filed their names for land got the land. All the rest was simply turned down and did not get any land of their own. The timing that the three Shoemate brothers who left Missouri and arrived in Oklahoma sure was the perfect timing that thousands of homesteaders and settlers were on the trails traveling overland to Oklahoma to Camanche Co and to Lawton, Oklahoma. It is now believed they purposly left Missouri to grab their chance to attain land in the big land lottery that was a'fixing to take place. Why would they want to travel and arrive in an area of Oklahoma when the very area they went to had 29,888 homesteaders and their families arriving in the same part of Oklahoma? This Land Lottery is probably something the Shoemate brother heard about while in Missouri with there first cousin's Jerry Baxter and Charles Shoemate. The Land Lottery was a very exciting time! A great opportunity to take a chance to attain many acres of land IF their name claim was drawn in the lottery.

Samuel, Jr., - Bledsoe County Tennessee (Death Certificates and Headstones for Tennessee)

Census 1830 lists Samuel, Jr., son of Samuel who moved from Goochland, Virginia,
is found in Bledsoe County, age over 90, in the 1830 Census. With him lived two younger women. These could have been his daughters.

It is said that Samuel's father, Samuel Sr., [I], died in South Carolina about 1790. Living in his household were two women, One was between 20 and 30 years of age, and the other was between 40 and 50 years of age.

The 1800 Census of Chesterfield County, S.C. lists Samuel Shoemake, Jr, [II] over 45. It is reported that he lived in Bledsoe County, TN., in 1830. In 1800 he had the following living in his household:
1 Male under 16
3 Males 16-26
2 females

Samuel Shoemake,[ III ] is listed in Chesterfield County, SC as being Samuel Jr.
1 male under 10

David Shoemake, is listed as being under 26, in the 1800 census of Chesterfield County, S.C. he has one male:
1 male under 10.
**There is a strong belief that this David was a son of Samuel II. However, he could have been of Blackley. But reasoning would place him in Samuel's household. After Samuel's death, David is no longer found in the Bledsoe County area.

A David Shoemake is listed in the Execution Docket, Bledsoe County Tennessee Circuit Court, (1813-1824), for the Spring Term of court, 1813.

A John Shoemake, in September, 1813, also was listed in the Bledsoe County Circuit Court Clerks Office, Execution Docket 1810-1824. It has been learned that the reason John appeared in a Circuit Court Document is that it was because of his death and a John Thomas was listed as the administrator of his will.

Moses Shoemake, over 45
1 male 16-18 ( I question if this person was Abijah or Enoch. Sometimes, I reason it
was Abijah and then I find evidence that it could be the other).

John Shoemake, over 26. This John is possibly the son of John Shoemake who died
about 1784. (John's wife, after his death, remarried a Jesse Minton). The 1800 census records this John having:
Three males under 10
One male 10-16
Three females Identifying the descendants of the above Shoemake males is rather a
difficult task. Where did they go, and where did they live? Much of the identifying is
mostly reasoning and guess work. However, there are some records that leave a clear trail.

Back To Knox County Tennessee
Appearing in Knox County Tennessee are the following: (Land and Official Records) In 1799 Blackley, William, and Robert Shoemake signed a petition of residents of Knox, Tennessee.
1801 James Shoemaker married Sary Street.

In 1801 in the Roane County, appears the name of William Shoemake. He and a James Shoemaker were among the petition signers to create Roane County out of Knox County. Again William Shoemake is listed in the tax records of Eoane County in 1802 along with an Evan Shoemaker.
In 1805 William and James were in the tax lists
On August 17, 1814 William Shoemaker and Benjamin Poore were sworn chain carriers in a survey of 2 acres of mand for Moses Shoemaker, this is now Morgan County

1804 There was a Thomas Shoemaker. (This could be the Thomas that appears in Bledsoe County and is listed on the Census in 1830).
1805 Blackley and David signed a petition in Anderson County,
1807 A John Shoemak signed a petition for the construction of a grist mill on
June 8, 1808 in Roane County, Tennessee.
1814 (May 2) John and Moses Shoemake were assigned 50 acres (25 each) of land by William Shoemaker.
1814 A Moses Shoemaker received 2 acres in Roane County (Bledsoe County was made up from Roane County.

Moses Shoemake Other records show a Moses Shoemake married a Martha Williams in Roane Co.Tn. She was born Campbell Co, Tn. This Moses was born. Apr. 27 1795 Pulaski, Giles Co.Twnnessee died 22 Sept. 1876 Silas, Choctaw Co., Alabama. Moses and Martha married 28 Dec. 1814 Roane Co.Tn.

Temporary Moving To Alabama

Reports from Sarah Shoemake Warren, Baton Rough, LA, 1989 In a letter sent to me
from Sarah A. Shuemake Warren, 15654 Hogenville Ave., Baton Rough, LA on April 10, 1989, she stated her father was James Morris Shoemake, who she said was the son of Thomas Jasper Shuemake. She expressed her belief that her father was a descendant of Jean De La Chaumette of Virgina. After she had read the book written by Jeanne W. Strong, "Our Shoemake Roots," she begin to believe the Shoemakes were of French decent.

She pointed out that her grandfather, Thomas Jasper Shuemake, who was born on July 10, 1870 in Jasper, TN. Here is her statement: "He had a trunk that was kept locked and when he died it was passed to his daughter and then on to her brother, Samuel Shuemake, and then it was opened by Samuel's grandson after his death. They always kept it locked and finally upon opening it, several french coins were found. This lead my cousin, Randal L. Haggard of Claremont, CA, to consider the French line because German proved nothing." Mrs. Warren also sent me copies of obituaries of Thomas Jasper and his wife Annie Betty (Clauch) Shuemake who were living near Conway, Arkansas at the time of their death.

Taken from the Obituaries: Thomas Jasper Shuemake B. 7/10/1871, Jasper, TN, D. 4/11/ 1943, X Annie Betty Claunch, B. 2/11/1894 in Purdy, AL, D. 2/3/1973. Their children were:
1 James Morris, B. 8/30/1909
2 Thomas Samuel
3 William Earl (living in Memphis, TN)
4 Rosa Pearl Shuemake X Thomas Murphy (Memphis, TN).

* Taken from the published obituaries in Conway, Arkansas, 1943. Mrs. Warren pointed out that Thomas Jasper Shuemake was a son of John Fletcher Shoemake. However, after researching my records and the Federal Census of 1850, John Fletcher was born in 1795. He would have been 76 years of age when Thomas Jasper was born.
The following was taken from the 1850 census of Marion County, TN.
John Fletcher Shoemake, B. 1795, age 55 in 1850. His children were listed as:
1. James A., B. 1826, age 24
2. Sarah, B. 1826, age 24
3. Sampson, B. 1827, age 23
4. John, B. 1828, age 22 (Morris K. Shoemake listed this person as John Fletcher on an application filed with the U. S. Department of Indian Affairs. If this is the case, he would have been John Fletcher, Jr.).
5. Lorena, B. 1832, age 18
6. Morris Kane, B. 12/24/1832, age 17
7. Mary, B. 1835, age 15
* All records available point out that John Fletcher married a Mulatto (Indian) who was
named Mary Shoemake. It is my personal belief she may have been a cousin. She was
the daughter of either Samuel or Thomas Shoemake.
**Mrs. Warren also stated that after John Fletcher's wife Mary died, he married a
second wife and Thomas Jasper was a son of this marriage in 1871. It is reported that
John Fletcher died in the late 1870's. This could well be true. However, I do question it. This John Fletcher must have been the son of John Fletcher, Sr.

Note: Mrs. Warren indicates that John Fletcher, was her great grandfather. I have a question regarding this statement. In all logic John Fletcher would have been 76 years of age when Thomas Jasper was born. While this would be possible, I do not think it would be likely. If her great, grandfather's name was John, it would be reasonable to argue that John Fletcher's son John, Jr., born in 1828, would have been the great grandfather, thus making John Fletcher to be her great, great grandfather. However, I am not in a position to argue the case because of the lack of records. The last child of John Fletcher on the 1850 census was Mary. She was born in 1845. Between her birth and the 1850 census 5 years elapses. There is not shown another son after the 1850 census. However, Mrs. Warren explained that after the death of his wife, he moved westward across the Cumberland Mountains and married a second wife Therefore, I conclude that it must have been the John Fletcher born in 1822.

Again, Let Me Inject: It is reported that this Thomas Jasper was the son of John Fletcher. It is note worthy that there were two John Fletchers. The first was born on or about 1795. This John Fletcher had a son by the name of John Fletcher who was born on 1828, according to Morris K. Shoemake and he is listed on the census rolls as only John (The following was taken from the 1850 census of Marion County, TN.
John Fletcher Shoemake, B. 1795, age 55 in 1850. His children were listed as:
1. James A., B. 1826, age 24
2. Sarah, B. 1826, age 24
3. Sampson, B. 1827, age 23
4. John, B. 1828, age 22 (Morris K. Shoemake listed this person as John Fletcher on an application filed with the U. S. Department of Indian Affairs. If this is the case, he would have been John Fletcher, Jr.).
5. Lorena, B. 1832, age 18
6. Morris Kane, B. 12/24/1832, age 17
7. Mary, B. 1835, age 15
(Morris K. Shoemake listed this person as John Fletcher on an application filed with the U. S. Department of Indian Affairs. If this is the case, he would have been John Fletcher, Jr.).

In 1840 there was a John F. Shoemake living in Davison County, Tennessee. (I do not have any records on this John F., unless he was John Fletcher Jr.). Mrs. Sarah Shoemake Warren also reports that John Shuemake, her great grandfather, maried Sarah G. Morris (Prim).

An Interesting Note: (Taken from OUR SHOEMAKE ROOTS by Jeanne Walters Strong)
Blackley Shoemake who was in South Carolina in the late 1700's is now found in Knox County, TN. in 1799. During the census of 1790, he was in Chesterfield County, S.C.
Blackley Shoemake, 1790, in Chesterfield County, S.C. had the following living in his household:
2 males over 16
1 male under 16 1799,
Blackley Shoemake, signed a petition Record in Knox County, Tennessee. On this petitio. also appeared the names of Robert and William Shoemake. In 1799, a Robert Shoemaker appeared next to Blackley on the taxlists. (Shoemaker Pioneers, page 391) 1805 Blackley and David Shoemake's names appeared on taxlists in Anderson County, TN 1.
David was listed on the census of Chesterfield County, S.C. in 1800. He was under 26 years of age. His wife was also under 26. In his household was:
1 girl under 10

1801 James Shoemake was married to Sary Street, in Knox County, TN.
1804 Thomas Shoemake appeared in Knox County. (This could have been the Thomas who appears in Bledsoe County in 1830 being 55 years of age.
1814 John and Moses were assigned 50 acres of land by William Shoemake.

It is reported that a Moses Shoemake married Martha Williams in Roane County, Tennessee on December 28, 1814. She wass born Cabpbell Co, Tn.
This moses b. Apr. 27 1795 Pulaski, Giles Co.Twnnessee
died 22 Sept. 1876 Silas, Choctaw Co., Alabama

1814 (June 9) Moses received 2 acres in Roane County, TN.

It is note worthy that a John Shoemake, in 1830, was living in Bledsoe County, TN.,
in a Collored settlement, age over 55. This John would not have been John Fletcher because he was born in 1795 and he would have been only 35 in 1830. The John mentioned here is listed being over 55. Moreover, this age would fit into the age of John who appears in Jackson County, Alabama in 1850, being 84.

1830 Thomas Shoemake also was living in Bledsoe County, TN in a Collored settlement. His age was 55, This Thomas would not have been his son for he was born in 1775, being listed here as 55 years of age. Bledsoe County, TN He is listed on the Federal Census for 1830 as having the following persons in his household:
>>>>>2 males under 10
>>>>>1 male 55-100 (self)
>>>>>2 females under 10
>>>>>1 female 24-36
>>>>>1 female 55-100
In 1813 a David Shoemake was listed as a defendant court case in Bledsoe County TN.
Later, sometimes between 1813 and 1824 also was listed in the Bledsoe County Circuit
Court Clerks Office, Execution Docket 1810-1824, was a John Shoemake. This David who is living in Bledsoe County in 1813, could have been the same David listed on the census roll of Chesterfield County, S.C. in 1800. A David was listed as being in Knox County, TN in 1805.along with Blackley Shoemake. (Taken from Our Shoemake Roots). David would either be a son of Blackley or a nephew.

ABIJAH SHOEMAKE / Chesterfield County , S.C.
Abijah Shoemake first appears on the 1810 census of Chesterfield County, S.C. He is listed as being between 26-45 years of age. He is married and has in his household:
2 boys under 10 years of age.
In 1820 he is listed as having:
3 boys under 10, and
1 boy between 10 and 18 years of age.
He is listed as being again as being between 26 and 45.

On April 10, 1818, Abijah is shown living in Chesterfield County, but he buys 450 acres of land in Darlington, a joining county, in S.C. He bought the land from Phillip Pitman (See Book G. Page 165B Darlington County, S.C.)
On August 11, 1819, Abijah along with Mary Jones signs as witnesses on a deed made
to by J. Farmer to J.W. Godwin (G. P. 346). After the 1820 census, Abijah is no longer
found listed on the S.C. Census, but in 1836 he is found living in Autauga County, Alabama with his wife Dorcas. (Taken from the research, The Shoemaker Pioneers, by Benjamin Shoemaker, Jr.) It is reasoned that the 4 sons also moved to Alabama with him.

The 1850 census of Alabama, compared with those in South Carolina in 1820, lends itself to this assumption. One would need to acquire a map of Alabama and locate the towns where each of the Shoemake boys were living in order to come to this conclusion.

Conclusion It is not possible to conclude any family tree because there is always someone who got left out and new family members are being discovered every day. However, there must be a stopping place. While I am sure there are many mistakes in my research, I am hoping that someone will take the information I have recorded and add to the Journal.

Submitted by Harring Dean Shuemake