Shoemake Death Certificates
Thomas and Laura Shoemake

Shown below is a copy of the death certificate for George Jackson Shoemake, son of Thomas and Laaura Shoemake. He was born in Whitwell, Tennessee on May 2, 1896, and died on January 6, 1953, being 56 years of age. His wife's name was Frances E. Shoemake. His father was Thomas Shoemake and his mother was Laura Brewer. For Reference to another Thomas Shoemake, Click Here; for another reference Click Here

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Below is a copy of the census page showing George Jackson's Father and Family. He is listed as George J.



There is reference to a John Shoemake being born in Tennessee who was the father of Larance L. Shoemake. Larance was born on 1894. This would mean his father John was surely born prior to 1874. He should show up on the 1900 census in Tennessee where it would state the age of his father.