Warren Shoemake
Hartsville, South Carolina
Born 1842

A POW During The Civil War


The following information has been gleaned on Warren Shoemake, who was the grandson of Moses Shoemake, Sr.,(1860 Census), and Betsy ..... Warren's father was Morgan Shoemake and Jane Warren Shoemake. He was born in 1842 and died sometime in the1880s. See below:

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Warren Shoemake:

>>>>> Warren Shoemake, the oldest son of Morgan and Jane Warren Shoemake is shown on the 1880 census of Darlington County, S.C., as being 38 years of age, born in Hartsville, S.C. (1842) He was the oldest son for Morgan and Jane. Warren's wife is Mary J., age 40. She apparently had been married before. Her maiden name was Walters. The step children listed in Warren's household were:

Warren Shoemake, age 38 (Born 1842) , X Mary J. Walters
-----(a) Queen Stokes, age 21 (Step daughter)
-----(b) Gabe Stokes, age 17 (Step son)
Mary J. Shoemake, age 40 (His wife)
-----(c) William Shoemake, age 13 (Son)
-----(d) Sally, age 11 (Daughter)
-----(e) Jane, age 8 (Daughter)
-----(f) Green, age 7 (Son)

>>>>>*In a document obtained from the Darlington County Historical Society, Warren Shoemake was admited to an insane institution on May 10, 1881. In those days it was called a "Lunatic Asylumn." (Table No. 22, Darlington County, page 336) More Info on Warren's children below: Scroll Down.

>>>>>Warren was 5 feet, 7 1/2 inches tall, of fair complection, grey eyes, with light colored hair.

Other records show that Morgan served in the Confederate Army during the Civil war and was absent from duty on several occasions because of sickness and was captured and put in prison, and became a POW. Could this explain why Warren was admitted to the Asylum. Morgan enlisted May 24, 1862. Could his service in the war have been too much for him? He was captured on February 27, 1865, and became a prisoneer of war. He was releasted on June 17, 1865.

>>>>>Warren Showed up sick several times during his tinure as a Confederate Soldier. Below are the records showing him being on sick leave and in the hospital. The document on the right shows Warren was was released as a POW and signed an am oath of allegience to the United States of America.

Warren's Father was Morgan Shoemake. James (Jim) Shuemake who came to Florida in about 1897-1900 was his brother, and Harring D. Shuemake's Gr. Greatuncle.

Morgan Shoemake
Morgan is listed on the 1860 census of Darlington County as M. Shoemake and is shown being 36 years of age. The recording of this age is wrong. Morgan would have been 46 instead of 36. Please remember that sometimes the census taker would make mistakes and the giver would not know his exact age. In 1862 when Morgan inlisted into the Confederate Army, he is regesterd as being 48 years of age. Morgan and his wife Jane lived next door to Onner Norwood. Jane Warren, (Warren being her maiden name) the wife of Morgan is shown to be 36. Again this could be a mistake. I know this M. Shoemake to be my grandfather, Morgan, because of the names of the children. My father long before he died in 1969 had told me the names of Morgan's children. Besides that, James M. Shuemake, my grandfather is listed as one of Morgan's children. They had the following children:

Morgan and Jane Warren Shoemake's Children; Brothers and Sisters of Warren Shoemake:
Warren, a son, age 17, B 1843
Acquilla A, a daughter, age 16, B. 1844
Mary, a daughter, age 11, B. 1849
Hannah, a daughter, age 8, B. 1852
James M., a son, age 5, B. 1855
Calvin, a son, age 3, B. 1857
Hartwell M., age 1, B. 1859
Callie D. (Not listed on the census. She was born in 1861 and died December 6, 1914. according to her grave marker ) She married Andrew T. Hopkins.

Morgan also served in the Civil War, serving on the side of the South. See his war record on this page, click here.

Death Certificates For two of WARREN"S Children:

Below is the Death Certificate of Mary Jane Shoemake Beasley, daughter of Warren Shoemake and Mary Walters Shoemake, Born in December 23,1871. Died Jan. 30, 1932. She was 57 at the time of her death and widowed.

Below is the Death Certificate of Sarah Francess Shoemake White, daught of Warren and Mary Walters Shoemake. Born October 12, 1867. Died February 3, 1934. She was widowed at the time of death.


Morgan Shoemake, Warren's Father, (1840 Census of Darlington County, SC)
This is the first time Morgan appears on the census roll. He is listed as being between 20 and 30 years of age, living in Darlington County. ( Morgan's age fits in with the male of 15-20 years of age living in the household of Mary Shoemake when the 1830 census was taken). Morgan enlisted in the Confederate Army in January of 1862 being 48 years of age. This would make him be born in 1814. When analizing the decendants of Moses, Sr., and Mary his wife, we find Mary had 2 males living in her household in 1820. One is 10 to 16 (Moses who was born in 1808) and one being under 10 (Morgan who was born in 1814)

*My father told me his grandfather was named Morgan Shoemake who lived in South Carolina and was married to Jane Warren. Morgan enlisted in the Confederate Army under J.T.A. Elliott in January of 1862 and was discharged in February of 1863.

Other Records about Morgan: Again Morgan appeared before the Darlington County Circuit Court during the Fall Term of 1844. He was charged along with James Warren, William Warren, and Gillian Warren of "Riot and Assualt" which was listed as a true bill. (Court Minutes Journal, 1844) On page 95 of the 1844 Court Minutes Journal it is recorded that a Jane Warren was found guilty of assualt with the intent to kill. She was sentenced to 6 months in Jail and $100 fine. This occured during the Fall Term of court 1844.

* During the Spring Term of Court, Darlington County, 1845, Jane and Wiley Warren were indicted for "Retarting" abated by the death of the defendant. They were found not guilty.

* In 1860, during the Spring Term of Court, Morgan was appointed constable in Darlington County, according to the Sessions Journal, page 119. Others that were appointed at the same time were Dan W. Sanabury, John R. Shamrn, and Joe Hutchenson. I recall my father telling me that Morgan was a "Patrol" who hunted down run-away slaves. This would explain why Morgan was appointed as a constable. Morgan Shoemake Continued: The reason Jane Warren has been mentioned here is because she married Morgan. The 1860 census of Darlington County show her as being Jane Shoemake. There is a second reason that I know she was Morgans wife is because my father told me about her prior to his death in 1969. I had asked him on several occasions about my great grandfather and his wife. He told me his name was Morgan and his wife was Jane Warren. It was when I began my research that I found this to be true.

*I noticed on the 1840 census of Darlington County that Morgan was married. However, Jane Warren, who was listed as his wife in 1860, does not bear his name in 1844 when she appeared in court. It could be they were just living together at the time the census were taken.

Jane Shoemake, age 60, is listed right below her son, James M., on the census roll. (1880) She was the widow of Morgan Shoemake and the mother of James M. (Jim) Shuemake, She has in her household three girls. They are:

(a) Mary, age 28
(b) Aquilla, age 26, and
(c) Sally, age 24 (On her grave marker, her name is stated Callie). In 1978 when I visited a daughter of Bogan, Pearl Watford, she verified that Sally and Callie were the same person.


*In 1900, on the census roll of Darlington County, Stokes Bridge Township, Aquilla Shoemake, a daughter of Morgan Shoemake, age 40, and Bogan Shoemake, age 20, son of Hartwell Shoemake and a nephew to Aquilla, were both living in the household of Andrew Hopkins and his wife Callie (Sally) D. Shoemake. Andrew Hopkins was a medical doctor. Callie D. Hopkins was listed as being 39 years of age on the 1900 census. As stated above she was the wife of Andrew Hopkins. She is burried in the St. Matthews Methodist Church Cemetery, situated northwest of Bishopville, S.C. ( She was the last child born to Morgan and Jane Shoemake).

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