Will of John de la Shumate (Shoemake) of Virginia

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Individual Note:
John Shumate, Sr.
19 May 1783
IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. I, John Shumate Senr., of Fauquier County, Virginia, being in perfect sense & memory, thanks be to the almighty God for the same, do constitute & make this my last Will & Testament.

Imprimis) I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Shumate the Land he now lives on after the death of his Mother, to him & his Heirs forever.

Item) I give & bequeath unto Capt. Jonathan Gibson all that Tract or parcel of Land which I possess on the East side of the Branch of Elk-run which passes through between the house of Thomas Shumate & the house I now live in, to him & his Heirs forever after the Death of my Wife.

Item) I give & Bequeath unto my son Bailey Shumate Fifteen Pounds current money of Virginia extra of his proportion of my Estate due him for the services of his Negro Nell.

Item) I give & bequeath unto my sons William, John, Joshua, Daniel, & James & to my Daughters Lettice & Jemima, all & everything I gave them after marriage (being all I ever intended for them until the Death of their Mother), to them & their Heirs forever.

Item) My Will & desire is that my Wife shall have the use of my Estate during life, & shall be at liberty (with the advice & consent of the Executors) to sell for her necessary support anything belonging to that part of my Estate not heretofore Willed to other Persons.

Item) My Will & desire is that at the death of my Wife the remains of my Estate shall be equally divided between my Children, Viz: William, John, Joshua, Daniel, Thomas, James, Bailey, Lettice, & Jemima, to them & their Heirs forever.

Item) I constitute & appoint Thos. Helm, John Nelson, & my Wife Judah Shumate Executors of my Estate & acknowledge this to be my last Will & Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal this Nineteenth of May 1783.

Thomas Helm John (X) Shumate, Sr.
William Conway
John Kerr

At a Court held for Fauquier County, the 25th day of October 1784.

This Will was proved by the Oaths of William Conway and John Kerr Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And, on the motion of Judith Shumate the Executrix therein named who made oath and executed and acknowledged bond as the law directs, Certificate is granted her for obtaining a Probat thereof in due form.

Teste: H. Brooke, C.C.

Circuit Court of Fauquier County
Will Book 2 Pages 47-48
Appraisal of the Estate of John Shumate, Sr.
22 August 1875

PURSUANT to an Order of Fauquier Court held in October 1784 we the Appraisers being first sworn have valued the Estate of Mr. John Shumate Senr Dec. & find it agreeable to the following estimation Vis:

Two head of horses,
four hd of cattle 24 pds 11 shillings 0 pence
Four hd of sheep, Six tubs & Casks
2 pds 11 shillings 6 pence
Three Beds & Furniture 23 pds 12 shillings 6 pence
Two Chest, Two Tubs, a Trunk,
Seven Basons 2 pds 4 shillings 0 pence
Dish & Twelve plates,
a pair of Stillards 1 pd 14 shillings 0 pence
Spice Morter, 6 jugs & Butter pots, Cash
1 pds 0 shillings 6 pence
Bowls, Teaware, mugs, Bottle
and tumbler 0 pds 13 shillings 0 pence
Three pr of wool & cotton cards,
a looking glass 0 pds 14 shillings 0 pence
Handsaw, drawing knife & hackle 0 pds 6 shillings 0 pence
Box Iron & c. Tongs
& candlestick, wedges,
axes, plows & hoes 2 pds 6 shillings 0 pence
A saddle, sugar box, books, bottle 1 pd 9 shillings 0 pence
One Cask, six chairs,
a Woollen wheel 1 pds 1 shillings 0 pence
Eleven hogs 6 pds 5 shillings 0 pence
72 pds 4 shillings 6 pence
Jonathan Gibson
John Kerr
Tho. Helm
At a Court held for Fauquier County the 22 day of August 1785. This Inventory and appraisement was returned and ordered to be recorded.

Teste: H. Brooke, C.C.

Circuit Court of Fauquier County
Will Book 2
Page 68

John Shumate, Jr., was born, probably in England, about 1707 and died about 1784 in Virginia. He raised tobacco and shared the farm with his brother, Daniel, near Elk Run, Stafford Co., VA. He married Judah (Judith) Bailey circa 1728. John left a Will and named his wife and children. Judah appears on the Personal Property tax lists of Fauquier Co. for the years 1785-1790.
John, Jr., along with other tobacco growers, was growing tired of the ever-increasing taxes by England. One night, in 1732, many farmers grouped together and threatened to burn down the public tobacco warehouses. This came to be known as the Tobacco Uprising. (Groom, H. C., Fauquier During the Proprietorship, published 1927) John was involved and arrested. The records of Stafford Co., VA, are not complete and many of the record books were taken or burned during the Civil War. John, Jr. and Daniel remained in Fauquier County and brother, Samuel, went on to South Carolina. John, in his Will, named his wife, Judah and children.
The family friend, Mark Hardin also left a Will in Prince William County, VA. Witnesses to this Will were: John Shumate, Judith Shumate, and Daniel Shumate. (Prince William County WB 1787-1790 pgs. 36-38)
Please Note: This book mainly concerns Samuel Shumate (b.1755) of Fauquier/Henry Counties, VA, and his descendants and I have not gone into any detail nor done a lot of research on the other Shumate descendants but list them for your information.
Children of John Shumate and Judah Bailey:
1. WILLIAM SHUMATE was born about 1728 Stafford Co., VA and is believed to have died in Fauquier Co., VA about 1787. von Stauffenberg states that William married Ann McCormick, daughter of Stephen McCormick of Hamilton Parish, Prince William Co., VA, about 1752. Records of the three eldest children are recorded in the Overwharton Parish records of Stafford Co., VA.
1.1 Stephen Spencer Shumate was born 26 November 1753 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA.
1.2 William Shumate was born 11 August 1756 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA.
1.3 Lettice Shumate was born 5 November 1757 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA..
1.4 John Shumate was born about 1759 Stafford Co., VA.
1.5 Anna Shumate was born about 1762 Fauquier Co., VA.
1.6 Thomas Shumate was born about 1765 Fauquier Co., VA, and died 1813 Bourbon Co., KY.
1.7 Benjamin Shumate as born about 1767 Fauquier Co., VA.
1.8 Daniel Shumate was born 5 October 1769 and died 29 August 1851 Garrard Co., KY.
1.9 Lydia Shumate was born Fauquier Co., VA.
2. JOSUA SHUMATE was born about 1732 Stafford Co., VA, and died Wilkes Co., NC, between 1800 and 1810. He is shown on the PP tax records for the years 1793-1795. Josua married Elizabeth Prewitt about 1756 Culpeper Co., VA. Josua and Elizabeth are shown on Pittsylvania Co., VA, records and later on Wilkes Co., NC, records. Fielding Shumate is shown on the PP tax records 1798-1803.
2.1 John Shumate was born about 1757 Culpeper Co., VA, and was living in Wilkes Co., NC, in 1800.
2.2 Josua/Joshua Shumate was born about 1759 Culpeper Co., VA, and died possibly TN.
2.3 Mary (Polly) Shumate was born about 1778 possibly Culpeper Co., VA.
2.4 Sarah Shumate was born 1776 and died possibly TN. Sarah Shumake, age 18, married James Elliott 6 February 1794 Pittsylvania Co., VA. Sarah may have been a sister to Josua and Fielding.
2.5 Fielding Shumate was born about 1774 Culpeper Co., VA and died about 1834 Mercer Co., KY. Fielding married Susanna Elliott in Pittsylvania Co., VA.
3. DANIEL SHUMATE was born about 1734 Stafford Co., VA and died February 1806 Fauquier Co., VA. He married 1) Unknown 2) Sarah Cornwell, widow of Peter Cornwell. He left a will and named his wife and children. (Please see following pages for more information of Daniel and his descendants.)
3.1 Daniel Shumate (not mentioned in Daniel's LWT and controversy exists re the Rev. War Vet.
3.2 Samuel Shumate was born 1755 Fauquier Co., VA, and died about 1833 Henry Co., VA.
3.3 Duanna Shumate was born about 1759 Fauquier Co., VA.
3.4 Mark Hardin Shumate was born about 1761 Fauquier Co., VA, and died 1838 Claiborne Co., TN.
3.5 William Shumate was born about 1763 Fauquier Co., VA, and died probably Fauquier Co., VA
3.6 Dinah Shumate was born about 1765 Fauquier Co., VA.
3.7 Judith (Judah) Shumate was born about 1770 Fauquier Co., VA.
4. JAMES SHUMATE was born about 1738 Prince William Co., VA and died in Bourbon Co., KY, about 1795. In 1786, there were 3 lists for "James Shumate" - 2 in Fauquier Co. and 1 in Hardy Co., VA. Robert Riley believes that James moved from Franklin Co., VA, and to KY about 1795. Possible children of James and unknown wife, identified by Riley, are as follows:
4.1 Francis Summitt was born about 1761 Fauquier Co., VA, and died Lincoln Co., NC.
4.2 Christian Summitt was born about 1763 Fauquier Co., VA, and died possibly Nicholas Co., KY.
4.3 George T. Summitt/Shumate was born about 1765 Fauquier Co., VA, and died possibly Bourbon Co., KY.
4.4 James Summitt/Shumate was born about 1767 Fauquier Co., VA, and died possibly KY.
4.5 Elizabeth Shumack/Shumate was born about 1770 Fauquier Co., VA, and died possibly KY.
5. THOMAS SHUMATE was born about 1736 in Prince William Co., VA and died sometime after 1814. Records show that he resided in Henrico Co., VA, for a time and may have went to Kentucky about 1785. A Thomas Shoemack with wife Elizabeth were living in Bourbon Co., KY in 1800. Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children:
5.1 Thomas Shumate
5.2 Nancy Shumate
6. JOHN SHUMATE was born about 1740 Prince William Co., VA, and died about 1814. He married 1) Winifred Oxford about 1760 and 2) Susannah Crump on 2 February 1775 Fauquier Co., VA. John left a will and named his wife and children. (Fauquier Co. WB 2, p. 47-48 ). His children:
6.1 Armistead Shumate was born 4 October 1761 Fauquier Co., VA, and died possible SC or GA.
6.2 Berryman Shumate was born 21 November 1762 and died December 1802 Spartanburg, SC.
6.3 Mason Shumate was born about 1764 Fauquier Co., VA and died 28 June 1849 DeKalb Co., GA.
6.4 Taliaferro Shumate was born 11 August 1766 Fauquier Co., VA, and died 1834 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.5 Sarah Shumate was born about 1768 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.6 Lydia Shumate was born about 1760 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.7 John Shumate was born about 1777 Fauquier Co., VA, and died about 1811 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.8 Joseph Shumate was born about 1779 Fauquier Co., VA, and died 1839-1846 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.9 Lucy Shumate was born about 1781 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.10 Elizabeth Shumate was born about 1783 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.11 Celia Shumate was born about 1784 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.12 Susanna Shumate was born about 1786 Fauquier Co., VA.
7. JEMIMA SHUMATE was born about 1742 Prince William Co., VA. She is believed to have married John Winn about 1763 Fauquier Co., VA. Jemima and John Winn were witnesses to the will of her brother Daniel. John Winn, in his will, named Jemima and her family.
8. LETTICE SHUMATE was born about 1744 Prince William Co., VA. She married John Nelson about 1765 Fauquier Co., VA as shown by von Stauffenberg.
9. BAILEY SHUMATE was born about 1746 Prince William Co., VA. He died between 1810 and 1820 in Albemarle Co., VA. In 1772, Bailey married Mary Dodson in Fauquier Co., VA. von Stauffenberg states that Mary Dodson was sister of Tabitha Dodson who had married his uncle Daniel Shumate. Their children:
9.1 Bailey Shumate was born about 1773 Fauquier Co., VA, and died after 1820 in Nicholas Co., KY.
9.2 Susanna Shumate was born about 1775 Fauquier Co., VA, and died there as a child about 1777.
9.3 Elizabeth Shumate was born about 1778 Fauquier Co., VA.
9.4 Lucy Shumate was born about 1781 Fauquier Co., VA.
9.5 Mary Dodson Shumate was born about 1785 Fauquier Co., VA.

>From the Files of Donna Wood
John De La Chaumette (the name was later anglicized
to John Shumate), he was one of the estimated three or
four hundred thousand Huguenots who fled France following
the revocation of the edict of Nantes in 1685. Following
his flight from France it appears that John de la Chumette
immigrated to London, where he is named in the following
item in the King James II Bounty Papers of Sept. -- Nov. 1687.
"To Nicholas Hayward, Notari, for ye passage
to Virginia, of Lewis Renyaud, Anne his wife, Francis, Lewis,
Mary, and Sara Renyaud their children, and Benjamin Renyaud,
Mary his wife, their children, and John de la Chaumette."
These Bounty Papers were lists prepared on order of King
James II as a record of the Royal Treasury monies proveded for
deserving Houguenot refugees. (The orginial records are filed
in the library of the Huguenot Society of London).
No record of the arrival of John Shumate in Virginia has been found,
but a document signed by Lewis Reno (Renauld) as a witness was
dated 25 February 1700. (Stafford Co., Va. Will Bk. Z, page 72)
shows Lewis to have arrived in Virginia prior to that time, so
John Shumate was probably there by that time. As no wife or
children were named to accompany John Shumate in the above
mentioned Bounty Papers, he probably married in Virginia. This
marriage must have occured prior to 1708, this being based
on his son John Jr. being at least sixteen years old in 1724
when he was shown as a titheable on the following list of tobacco
tenders in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Va. for that year.

A list of titheables allowed to tend tobacco plants in
the precients between Acquia and Quantico Creeks - 1724.

Tabacco Tenders Titheables Tobacco Plants
John Shumate (1) 7,372
Samuel Shumate, 14 yrs.
Daniel Shumate, 12 yrs
John Shumate, Jr. (1)
(From Reg. of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co. 1723 - 1758 -
Compiled by G.H.S. King.)
John Shumate, the immigrant, may have had other children in addition
to the three sons named above, no record found. Of John's known
children John Jr. was the eldest, having been born prior to 1708.
On 10 Oct. 1723, John dila Shumate of Overwharton Parish, Stafford
County, purchased, from William Allen of the same Parish and county,
200 acres of aland on Elk Run, in that part of Stafford co.,
which in 1758 became Fauquier Co. (Deed, Wm. Allen to John dila Shumate,
Fauquier Co. Deed Bk. 1722-1728, page 49.) No record of the death of
John Shumate has been found, however it appears that the 200 acres
of land were later owned by his son John Jr. and Daniel.
John Shumate Jr. is said to have married Judith Bailey,
evidence of that is they named a son Bailey Shumate.
From the will of John Shumate Jr. and his wife Judith,
From the will of John Shumate Jr. and his wife Judith, dated
19 May 1783 and proved 25 Oct. 1784 (Fauquier Co.
Will Bk., Z, pp. 47-48) they wer shown to have the following children:
William, John, Joshua, Daniel, Thomas, James Bailey, Lettice, and

Source of info:
>From the Files of Donna Wood

John Bailey son of John and grandson of Stephen Bailey.
Judith Bailey born about 1720, the daughter of John and
Elizabeth Carr Bailey.
Elizabeth Carr the daughter of William Carr and Sarah. (Will of
Sarah Carr, widow of William Carr 21 Nov. 1726-29 Mar. 1727,
names daughters Elizabeth Bailey and Anne Carr, Westmoreland Co.
Elizabeth Carr married John Bailey, John left
Westmoreland Co., Va. to Prince William Co. in 1730, then to
Fauquier Co., Va. Children of John and Elizabeth Bailey were:
James, Carr, Stephen, and Judith.
#1. James married Hannah ----. Their children: James, married
1786 Sarah Ball (listed in the will of Valentine Ball and wife
Susannah 1770 Amherst Co. Va., also listed in the will as
heirs was Alice Wright and Sarah Bowman.
#2. Hannah married 1787 William Lear.
#3. Elizabeth born 17 May 1760 married 1782 to
Jesse Moffett. The estate account of Joseph Wright,
dated 27 Aug. 1761, names Henry Moffett, Karr Bayley,
Capt. Elias Edmonds, and others (this indicated the connection
of Carr Bailey and Moffett). It is also noted that John Shumate,
signed the bond for the marriage license for John
Anderson Moffett.
Sarah Bowman, daughter of Laurens Stephens
and wife of Jacob Bowman, had a son Jacob Bowman.
Sara Wright's daughter Susannah Wright who married Jacob Newainger,
Susannah the sister of Sarah Wright who married
Stephen Chilton Wood, of Laurens Co., SC,
June 5, 1786, Laurens Co., SC.
Abrstracts stated Stephen Chilton Wood evidently
came down from Winchester Va. with the Jacob Bowman and Sarah Wright group.
Leased land in Pleasant Church area on Reedy River. In 1806
deed books for Laurens Co., SC: Sarah Wright, a widow, to my
daughter Sarah Wood, who serveral years ago did intermarry with one Stephen Wood, who
has removed to Greenville Dis., leaving his said wife Sarah Wood.
Deed of Gift, in trust for use of a Negro boy Martin.