Arminta Shoemate of Bledsoe County Tennessee
And John Wesley Shoemate

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George & Arminta Shoemate
Charles Shoemate in Doorway
Arminta.was born on June 14, 1865 and died on September 12, 1945.
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Arminta married John Wesley Shoemate, who was born on May 7, 1850 and died on April 10, 1916

George & Arminta Shoemate

George Shoemate was the son of John Wesley Shoemate.
George was born October 18, 1907 and died on
July 5, 1966


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James Shoemake (Shoemate)
James Shoemake, age 30, born in TN, page 374. This is believed to be the James born in 1820, a brother to John Fletcher Shoemake, according to Morris K. Shoemake. He became the father of John Wesley Shoemate. In the 1850 census he is listed as James Shumake. He is listed as being 30 years of age and his wife Avis, 29 years of age.

In 1850 The following were found living in his household:
>>>>1. James Shoemake, 30, head of household
>>>>2. Avis, age 30 ( Wife )
>>>>3. Sarah R., age 5
>>>>4. Margaret, age 4
>>>>5. Mary E., age 2
>>>>6. John W., age 4 months (Believed to be the father of Annice. His grave
--------- stone reads , J. W. Shoemate, born in 1850, died in 1916.
---------- He had a son, John W., Jr.
>>>>7. Margaret KESSEY, age 21 (Kessey the family name)

Descendantes of Arminta
And John Wesley Shoemate

Generation No. 1
1. JOHN WESLEY1 SHOEMATE was born 07 May 1850, and died 10 Apr 1916. He married ARMINTA SMITH, daughter of CALICO SMITH and ELIZABETH SMITH. She was born 14 Jun 1865 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, and died 12 Sep 1945.

---2. iv. WALTER SHOEMATE, b. 10 Oct 1883; d. 20 Jun 1940.
---3. v. JAMES BLAINE ''JIM'' SHOEMATE, b. Abt. 1885, Bledsoe County, Tennessee; d. 17 Mar 1957,
--- ----Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
---4. vi. JERRY BAXTER SHOEMATE, b. 10 Apr 1888, Bledsoe County, Tennessee; d. 02 Feb 1927,
-------- Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
---5. vii. EUNICE SHOEMATE, b. 01 Jan 1894; d. 14 Jun 1955.
-----viii. ANNICE B. SHOEMATE, b. 14 Aug 1896; d. 15 Nov 1988; m. JESSIE LEE SHOEMATE; b. 22 Aug -----------1887; d. 11 Dec 1947.
Burial: Humble Cemetery, Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
Burial: Humble Cemetery, Bledsoe County, Tennessee.

-----ix. THOMAS ''TOM'' SHOEMATE, b. 28 Aug 1898; d. Jul 1966.
Notes for THOMAS ''TOM'' SHOEMATE: Never Married
---6. x. CHARLES WESLEY SHOEMATE, b. 31 Oct 1901; d. 17 Apr 1945.
-----xi. IDA LEE SHOEMATE, b. 1904; d. 28 Feb 1939; m. JACK BURNETT.
---7. xii. GEORGE SHOEMATE, b. 18 Oct 1907; d. 05 Jul 1966.

Descendants of George Shoemate

Generation No. 1
1. GEORGE2 SHOEMATE (JOHN WESLEY1) was born 18 Oct 1907, and died 05 Jul 1966. He married IDA M.
BOLTON. She was born 30 Dec 1910.

Burial: Humble Cemetery, Bledsoe County, Tennessee.

---2. i. DELORISE3 SHOEMATE, b. 02 May 1937.
-----ii. WAYNARD SHOEMATE, b. 09 Mar 1939.
-----iii. CARL DEAN SHOEMATE, b. 16 Oct 1940; d. 05 Mar 1941.
---------More About CARL DEAN SHOEMATE:
---------Burial: Humble Cemetery, Bledsoe Co. Tn.
----iv. RONALD DEAN SHOEMATE, b. 28 Jun 1942.

Generation No. 2

2. DELORISE3 SHOEMATE (GEORGE2, JOHN WESLEY1) was born 02 May 1937. She married RANDELL BUNCH, son
of BERT BUNCH and CLEO SULLIVAN. He was born 19 Jun 1936. Child of DELORISE SHOEMATE and
---3. i. ROBERT LEE4 BUNCH, b. 19 Aug 1975.

Generation No. 3

Children of ROBERT LEE BUNCH are:
----i. DECODA EUGENE5 BUNCH, b. 01 Jun 1993.
----ii. ROBERT LEE BUNCH, JR., b. 04 Jun 1998.

In Arminta's immediate family in Bledsoe Co.Tn. were:
Margaret Smith b. Jan 1855 d. Jan 10,1926. Bledsoe Co.TN.
Arminta Smith b. June 14, 1865 d. September 12, 1845. Bledsoe Co.TN.
Anna Smith b. 1868 Bledsoe Co.Tn.
William Brocklin Smith b. 1860 Bledsoe Co.Tn.


(The name Shoemake took on many different spellings on the census and other documents. Therefore, you will
note the different spellings in this report. The information here was gleaned from posted information on the Internet).

1850 Census Bledsoe County, Tennessee

James Shumake (Shoemake) B. 1820, TN, age 30
Avis Shuemake (wife) age 29. Children of this union:
---1. Sarah, age 5, B 1845, TN.
---2. Margaret Shuemake, age 4, B. 1846, TN.
--------Margaret married Charles Ferguson * See below:
---3. Mary, age 2, B. 1848, TN.
---4. John W. Shumake, age 11 months, TN. (Father of Annice who was born in 1896 and died in 1888)
---5. Margaret Kessey (?)

Margaret (Shuemake,Shoemake, Shomate) Ferguson, B. 1846, D. 1915 Bledsoe County, Tennessee, Margaret Shumake and Charles Ferguson married November 6, 1872, Bledsoe County, TN. Charles was born on October 28, 1840. He died on November 23, 1904, Bledsoe County, Tennessee. The couple are buried in the Humble Cemetery,.South of Pikeville, TN, Bledsoe County,

Children of Margaret and Charles Ferguson:
---1. Walter Scott Ferguson
-------Walter married Margaret Keener, daughter of Waymon Keener and Martha
-------"Angeline" Smith, a sister to Arminta Smith Shoemate
-----------( Waymon Keener is a brother to Shirley Wentworth's great grandmother,
-----------Nancy Keener, and Rachel Ruth Graham of Bledsoe County, Tennessee).
-----------Note: Waymon and Martha Angeline Smith Keener migrated to Fannin
-----------County, Texas in 1907 from Bledsoe County, TN.
-----------Walter Scott Ferguson, son of Charles Ferguson, also migrated out to
----------- Fannin County Texas. It was here that he married his wife,
----------- Margaret Keener
---2. John Thomas Ferguson (Migrated to Texas)
---3. Mary Ann Ferguson
---4. Hallie May Fergusion
---5. Maggie Ferguson

Margaret Shoemake Ferguson

Special Note: It is reported that Charles (Charley) Ferguson served as a 2nd. Lt. in the Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi. In Bledsoe County, TN., he was known as a colorful character. He was a Justice of the Peace, a Squire. He always bragged and told everyone that…he had married hundreds of couples and that none of them he married ever got a divorce. When asked why none of them ever got a divorce, he replied, "Because when I married them, I always omitted the "obey" part of the ceremony….so it made the marriage set better."


Below is a copy of the census page, the year of 1900, listing John Shoemate. His name appears as
the fourth family down. His wife's name is listed as Mintie, short for Arminta

The names that appear in the above Census Page are:
>>>1. John Shoemake, 55? Born in 1845.
>>>2. Mintie (Arminta) Smith Shoemake (wife) 46, Born in 1854.
>>>>>a. John, 23, B. 1877
>>>>>b. James, 17, B. 1883
>>>>>c. Walter, age 12
>>>>>d. Baxter, age 10
>>>>>e. Ulyse, 8,
>>>>>f. Amos, age 5
>>>>>g. Thomas , age 3

If one will notice the third household up from John Shoemake, there appears the household of Isaac Sullivan and his wife Margaret.Smith Shoemake. She was the sister of Arminta Smith Shoemake, 46, Born in 1854; who married John Wesley Shoemake, Sr., who was born in 1842, age 58.


If Maragret and Arminta were sisters, it seems rather strange that they both, Margaret and Arminta, were both born the same year 1854. There must have been a discrepancy in the taking of the census or either the two girls were twins. However, the census does show that Margaret was born in January. It does not show in what month Arminta was born. It is possible that she could have been conceived shorty after the birth of Maragret and been born by December of the same year. However, Arminta on her tombstone states she was born on June 14, 1865

On Arminta's death certificate and on her headstone in Humble Cemetery, Pikeville, TN., it states she was born in 1865. However, I have seen and know of a difference in census and dates on a tombstone and death certificate. Many times people did not remember the date of a persons birth. If there was no real record of one's birth, after one's death, children who may have placed a timbstone at the grave site of a family member, could have not know the birth date. This happened with my father. I thought my father said he was one year old when the three eights ran together, 1888. I put his birth date on his head stone as being born in 1887. However, some years after his death, I began my family research, I found he was born in 1884. So these things happen. It leaves us who are doing research with a nightmare.

This is census of Arminta (Anna) when a child.

1870 Bledsoe Co.Census
Arminta is 2 yrs. old

1880 Bledsoe Co. Census
Arminta is 13 yrs. old

If you are related to this part of the family, you will have to figure this dilemma out for yourself. I have found too many mistakes in the census for Bledsoe County, TN..


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