Enlistment Record of John Shoemake

The document shown below is an inlistment record of John Shoemake. I have no knowledge of which John this is. He inlisted in Franklin County, Tennessee. This county joined on the east to Marion County, Tennessee where Morris K. lived. In my research, I learned that in some areas men would go over into a joining county and join the Union Army. This could have been what this John did.

Below is a typed written copy of the petition filed with the State of Tennessee, Roane County for the construction of a grist mill. (1807) John Shumak's name appears in the lower, right-hand column. I am of the opinion that this John was the father of John Fletcher Shoemake. At the time John Fletcher would have been only 12 years of age. Also, I noted the name of Eli Thurman who became sheriff of Bledsoe County. This tells me that John lived in the same area as Thurman.