Photos From Mt. Zion Cemetery
Near Victoria, Tennessee

The photos on this page were taken by Mrs. Euline Harris of Whitwell, Tennessee. Some of the names and dates do not show up in the photos because white chalk was used to make the dates stand out, but did not work as well as thought. Photos were taken on or about November 1, 2002. These photos show the gravesite of Morris K. Shoemake and his wife along with members of their family. (Please allow photos time to download) See bottom of page for
more information.

The above headstone is that of
Morris K. Shoemake.
Born 12/24/1832, Died between 1912 - 1914

The above headstone is that of Luraner M Shoemake, wife of Morris K. Shoemake
Born 7/12/1833, Died 12/19/1886

The above headstone is that of
Sarah Alace Shoemake, daughter of
Morris K. and Luraner Shoemake
Born 8/12/1874, Died 8/17/1900

The above headstone is that of
Jackson V. Shoemake, son of
Morris K., and Luraner Shoemake
Born 8/20/1853 Died 7/13/1908

James M. Shoemake
Son of Morris K., and Luraner Shoemake
Born 1/17/1872
Died 3/19/1893

Mary E. Shoemake
Daughter of Morris K., and Luraner Shoemake
Born 12/28/1869
Died 12/21/1899

Mary Sampley---Van Sampley
Mary was a sister to Morris K. Shoemake

Other headstones found in the Mt. Zion Cemetery were those of
Ruthlie Shoemake, Born 4/4/1906, Died 9/21/1909
Margaret Shoemake, Born 8/30/1875, Died 5/24/1905
Fletcher Shoemake, Born 9/21/1903, Died 6/18/1905


A Special Note

>>>>>The Mt. Zion Cemetery is located north of Jasper, TN. To reach the cemetery, one should go north from the Marion County Courthouse in Jasper on the Betsy Pac Road ( Hwy. 41). Out of town you will come to a fork in the road and take the right fork. About 4-5 miles, you will come to a community called Sequatchi. On past this community, one should look for Jones Point Road. It is a small road that goes past a white house on the left side of the Highway. The number for the house is 120 Jones Point Road. Across the road from where the mailbox is situated, is a hill. On this hill is the Mt. Zion Cemetery. It is growed up with thick underbrush and small trees. I visited the cemetery on June 22, 2006. It took me a while to locate the gravesites of the Shoemakes who are buried there.

>>>>>I not only found the graves of the Shoemakes, but I found the grave of Mary Samply who Morris K. Shoemake listed as being one of his sisters. The grave site of her husband Van Sampley also was found next to her.

>>>>>Many other Shoemakes/Shoemates are buried in the Humble Cemetery south of Pikeville, Tennessee. To view click here