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Sam Henry Shumate & Carrie Elizabeth
Taken from the Pittsylvania County Heritage Book
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The Shumate Legacy

Sam Henry Shumate, eighth generation Virginian, great-great-grandson of a Revolutionary War Veteran; great-grandson of a War of 1812 veteran and son of a Civil War Veteran, was born in Pittsylvania Co., VA, and remained there his entire life.
Sam was a farmer and raised tobacco. He was an easy-going person who could weave quite a tale, loved to fish and make split bottom chairs. He often would pull out his banjo and strum up a tune. One day, Sam and another man were sitting in a store, feet propped up in the window, and a storm came. Lightening struck Sam, blew his boot off and killed the other man. He married Carrie Elizabeth Burton, d/o John Washington Burton and Mary Ellen Virginia Thornton.
Sam and Carrie had the following children:
1. Nannie Lenora (11/13/1894-3/24/1976) married Ottie Mose Connor 1/18/1922;
2. John James (8/13/1897-12/28/1956) married Ethel James Scruggs 12/31/1927;
3. Henry Howard Madison (8/27/1900-5/18/1982);
4. Martha Virginia (1905-alive in 2003) married Luther Daniel Farmer 1/24/1920;
5. Thomas Jefferson (6/18/1908-8/21/1988) married 1)Emma Lee Farris 2)Louise Elizabeth Hedrick;
6. Frances Elizabeth (9/21/1911-2/4/1998) married 1)Brian Dunn 2)Howard Schaefer;
7. Sam Neal (11/25/1913-1/27/22/1987) married Verda Mae Payne;
8. Lucy Margaret (2/18/1917-alive in 2003) married Lucion Winchester Dalton 2)Christopher Henry Brandau.
His direct line is as follows:
1. JOHN STEPHEN SHUMATE (1841-12/28/1894) married Martha Ann Emily Gray (1843-6/12/1933), d/o John Gray and Margaret Quinn. He served with the 38th Virginia Infantry, Company K, during the Civil War. Captured at Five Forks, VA, he was sent to Point Lookout Prison Camp in Maryland, and received a Disability Pension.

2. JOHN BENJAMIN SHUMATE (1813-12/14/1856) and married Lucy Ann Callahan 1819-bef 1880.

3. JOHN SHUMATE (1786-1814) died Maryland while serving in the War of 1812. He married Karenhappuck Smoot d/o Leonard Smoot and Mildred Courtney Norman in Fauquier Co., VA and settled in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Karenhappuck received a Widow’s Pension. They had two sons: John Benjamin Shumate (remained in Pittsylvania Co.) and Samuel Hardin Shumate (went on to Missouri).

4. SAMUEL SHUMATE (1755-1834) Fauquier Co., VA, son of Daniel Shumate. He was an Revolutionary War Veteran and settled in Henry Co., VA . He died before his received his first Pension check.

5. DANIEL SHUMATE (1734-1806), son of John Shumate, remained in Fauquier Co., VA.

6. JOHN SHUMATE (1707-1784), was born in Virginia, remained in Fauquier Co., VA

7. JEAN DE LA CHAUMETTE (1664-1728), immigrant ancestor, was born France about 1664, son of Daniel de la Chaumette and Marie Aucouturier. We have no record of his first marriage but Jean, a widower, married Elizabeth Bourgeois Bouvet at the French Huguenot Church on Threadneedle Street in London, England. Jean had fled France, probably under cover of darkness, because of religious persecution. After his wife died, Jean and sons, Antoine, John, Samuel, and Daniel left England for Martinique. In 1720, leaving Antoine on the Island of Martinique to manage the plantation, Jean, John, Samuel, and Daniel headed for America and settled in Stafford Co.,VA.

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Sam Henry Shumate & Carrie Elizabeth Burton

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